Gluckman 2011 Adolescent Transition Report

on 16 April

Jane O'Malley has asked me to send you all the attached link to the Professor Sir Peter Gluckman's (2011) report on Improving the transition: Reducing social and psychological morbidity during adolescence. This report has significant implications for nurses providing care to people from birth to youth and those providing care to women of child bearing age. The report highlights the current evidence for practice and the gaps in the evidence base. The report also makes a number of recommendations for practice, policy and research.

You may already be familiar with the contents of this report. The Governments recent announcements regarding youth mental health reflect some of the advice in this report. It will be helpful to professional groups and those in nursing education to be familiar with the contents of this report. Prof Jenny Carryer
Executive Director

pdf Gluckman 2011 adolescent transition report.pdf (1.90MB) 

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