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NPNZ - Nurse Practitioners New Zealand



pdf Fetal alcohol submission - March 2016


 pdf Submission to PHARMAC (2016 )

Proposal to list new respiratory products and changes to some currently listed products

pdf  Consultation on education programme standards and competencies for nurse practitioner scope of practice (2015)

 pdf Pharmac Letter Re Special Authority (2015)

NP authorised prescribing

 pdf Misuse of Drugs NPNZ Feedback Letter April 2014 (0.13MB)

pdf Reply from Associate Minister of Health October... (0.05MB) 

pdf Letter to Minister re authorised prescribing 2013 (0.13MB) 

GMS Payment

pdf Letter to Cathy O\'Malley re GMS payment 2013 (0.16MB) 

ACC dental submission

February 2013 pdf ACC Dental Submission Feb 2013.pdf (0.05MB)

  Premium only aged residential facilities and stand down period

February  2013pdf ARRC premium rooms discussion response NPNZ.pdf (0.17MB)

 ACC cost of treatment

February 2013  pdf NPNZ Submission - ACC Cost of Treatment

  NPNZ position paper

November 2012pdf NPNZ position paper.pdf (0.29MB)

Consultation on proposed changes to the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Regulations 2003

 5th February 2013  (0.38MB) pdf ACC submission Aug 11.pdf (0.06MB)

Submission to Nursing Council of New Zealand on NP scope of practice and non-prescribing NPs

August 2012 pdf Submission nurse practitioner scope of practice... (0.10MB)

Submission to health select committee on the Medicines Amendment Bill

April 2012  pdf Health Select Committee on Medicines Amendment Bill (0.44MB)

NPNZ letter to Liverpool Pathway Expert Advisory Group 

October 2011  pdf NPNZ LLCP Expert Advisory Group August 11.pdf (0.05MB)

NPNZ letter to Tony Ryall Minister of Health

May 2011  pdf NPNZ letter to Tony Ryall May 2011.pdf (0.06MB)

Letter to NZNO re funding for NP continuing education

May 2011 pdf NZNO CME Funding Letter May 2011-2.pdf (0.05MB)

Towards a New Zealand Medicines Strategy

 pdf NPNZ- NZ Medicines Strategy Submission June 2007 (0.04MB) Prepared by Helen Snell, Jackie Robinson and Victoria Perry

Therapeutic Products and Medicines Bill

pdf NPNZ Submission re Therapeutic products and... (0.10MB) Prepared by Helen Snell

Response to Collaborative Presceribing Consultation Document

pdf NPNZ Response to Collaborative Prescribing... (0.06MB)  Prepared by
Helen Snell

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