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NPNZ - Nurse Practitioners New Zealand

NPNZ Terms of Reference

pdf NPNZ Terms of Reference.pdf  (updated 1/4/13)




  • Is open to New Zealand registered Nurse Practitioners 
  • Is a division of the College of Nurses Aotearoa (CNA [NZ]).
  • Nurse Practitioner College members are members of NPNZ, however Non college NPNZ members  (NPNZ only members) are  not College of Nurses members
  • (Non college NPNZ members pay a membership fee of $150 pa and have the rights of College NPNZ members in representing NPNZ in other forums.

Executive committee

The executive committee includes the NPNZ chairperson, chair-elect, secretary, treasurer, web site co-ordinator, submissions co-ordinator, conference/event facilitator and 3 NPs voted by the membership.

The responsibilities of the executive committee include: 

  • Taking responsibility for day to day decisions of NPNZ
  • Ensuring the ongoing functioning of NPNZ
  • Liaising with NPNZ members
  • Holding a minimum of 3 monthly meetings 
  • Ensuring continuity of executive membership
  • Co-opts members for specific project work from time to time.  
The responsibilities of each executive committee position include:   


  •  Term of office two years, and one year as mentor for the Chair-elect
  • Chairs all NPNZ meetings, or if absent will nominate another member as acting chairperson for that meeting
  •  Regularly communicates with NPNZ members
  •  Co-ordinates and /or delegates to the submissions subgroup, NPNZ submissions on all matters pertaining to Nurse Practitioner practice.
  • Liaises with media or other professional organisations to promote Nurse Practitioner practice as required.
  • Approves, and signs if required, all NPNZ cheques/expenditure.  


  • Completes the role of the chair person under the guidance of the Chairperson  


  • Term of office three years
  • Prepares and distributes agenda prior to meeting
  •  Receives apologies for meeting
  • Records and electronically circulates minutes to members within four weeks of meeting
  • Records and keeps copies of relevant documents, letters etc
  • Maintains membership database containing correct contact details of all NPNZ members 
  • Ensures new NP’s receive requested information on NPNZ and meeting dates
  •  Ensures NPNZ information in Nursing  Council of New Zealand  pack for new NPs is up to date   


  • Term of office two years
  • Receives and keeps accurate records of NPNZ income and expenditure provided by CNA(NZ)
  • Provides a financial report at NPNZ meetings
  • Ensures all cheques/expenditure is approved by NPNZ and signed by the treasurer or the chairperson   

Submissions coordinator/subgroup (optional):

This position is optional and is determined by the current executive committee and members expertise and availability.

  • Co-ordinator is elected annually
  • Subgroup is elected annually
  • Co-ordinator is responsible for seeking information from NPNZ members
  • The subgroup makes submissions on all issues pertaining to Nurse Practitioner practice
  • NPNZ communicates at the earliest opportunity with CNA their intent of responding/not responding to submissions
  • CNA office provides support for formatting submissions.
  • NPNZ may choose to provide the CNA(NZ) with contributions to a submission which will be combined with others contributions and submitted by CNA(NZ).
  •   Joint submissions by NPNZ and CNA(NZ) are clearly marked to indicate both CNA(NZ)  and NPNZ have made the submission.
  •   Involvement of a policy analyst to assist with collation and writing is discussed with CNA(NZ)   

Website coordinator:

  • Nominated on 2 yearly basis
  • Liaise with CNZ(NZ) administrator/website manager regarding website changes and updates.  

Conference/Event Facilitator:

  • Term of office 2 years for facilitation of NPNZ conference
  • Works with committee members to organised NPNZ conference every 2nd year
  • Co-ordinates other events as opportunities arise   

Meeting structure:

  • Meetings are in April and October each year
  • The Secretary will circulate the previous meeting  minutes via email prior to the next meeting
  • AGM’s are held annually  

Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually or amended with the agreement with a majority of members


Areas of Interest