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One of the benefits of College Membership is  access to the professional development learnings section on Health Central website.

Health Central is delighted to announce a special  partnership with College of Nurses Aotearoa New Zealand.

Following the closure of Nursing Review, Health Central is now focused on continuing to publish strong and relevant nursing content as well as bringing nursing issues to the attention of a much wider health sector audience.

One aspect of Nursing Review that Health Central is particularly keen to see continue is its professional development learning activities section.

The College of Nurses also places great value in this section and as such is able to offer this exclusively to their members.

The content in this section is password protected. The College is happy for anyone with an interest in the professional development activities to contact them. 

The College of Nurses NZ now has a dedicated page on Health Central; you can visit this here.

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online access for College members- click here.


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