Nurse Practitioners are highly skilled autonomous health practitioners who have advanced education, clinical training and demonstrated competency. They have the legal authority to practice beyond the level of a registered nurse.

Nurse Practitioners combine their advanced nursing knowledge and skills with diagnostic reasoning and therapeutic knowledge. They provide care for people with both common and complex conditions.

Many Nurse Practitioners work in primary care where, like general practitioners, they may be the lead health care provider for health consumers and their families/whānau. Some Nurse Practitioners own their own practice. Others work for District Health Boards, non-governmental organisations, or for Māori and iwi providers. Nurse Practitioners are more likely to work in rural areas and in underserved communities.

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Feedback on nurse practitioner training and development

To help develop the Nurse Practitioner role in New Zealand, feedback is welcome on the findings of the Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Training Programme.

Please provide feedback to before Friday 27 April 2018.

Some questions to consider include:

Training programme
•To what extent do you think the nurse practitioner training programme should be expanded? What are the barriers/challenges?
•What are the potential positive benefits of expanding the programme?
•What should be done to encourage wider participation by Maori and Pacific nurses in Nurse Practitioner Training Programmes?
•What should be done to ensure viability of current Nurse Practitioner Training Programmes?
•What could be done to improve the selection process?

Nurse practitioner role
•What should be done to raise awareness of the role of nurse practitioners and the benefit of employing nurse practitioners?
•What should be done to encourage understanding of the nurse practitioner scope of practice?

Career development

What should be done to support ongoing career development for nurse practitioners?

Feedback will be received at until Friday, 27 April 2018.


Go to:
the Nursing Council website to find out more about the nurse practitioner scope of practice.
Changes to health practitioner status for more information about the changes to eight acts of parliament that enables nurse practitioners to carry out activities previously only doctors could do
•the Nurse Practitioners New Zealand website for more on how to support registered nurses to become nurse practitioners, and for examples of nurse practitioner job descriptions and business cases

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