Finance, invoicing and tax considerations are often the steepest learning curve for people new to running a business. Let’s face it, you are probably an expert in the work, but not many nurses have had to calculate bi-monthly GST or send monthly invoices before.

This resource provides some templates and sage information on tracking your money and keeping onside with the IRD.

It is always useful to learn from an accountant, especially in the early days.

If you are setting fees or hourly rates, consider all aspects of your service. You may not only be providing a service, but also your own technology infrastructure and professional networks.

If you are setting yourself up as an employer then there is PAYE, Health and Safety, Kiwisaver and insurance to consider.

Think about holiday pay, as a solo self-employed nurse if you don’t work- you don’t get paid, but the bills keep rolling in. So, factor holidays into your income goals.

Areas of Interest