Research shows that people running their own business often forget to look after the one person needed to keep things going, themselves.

Examples range from never taking holidays, working longer and longer hours and into the weekends to feeling huge responsibility for sustaining an income.

Self employed nurses, whether solo self-employed or employers need to consider self-care as a priority. This can range from mentorship to professional supervision and ensuring that holidays are scheduled and taken.

Another vital component of nursing self-employment is keeping professionally connected. This can be through professional nursing organisations such as the College or making time to attend conferences and nursing events.

Isolation can be a big factor for the self-employed, despite working with people on projects or even in a workspace, there is still a need to connect with others in similar roles. It may be that support comes from others who are self-employed but not in nursing. How you achieve that connection can be varied, but it is important, especially if working from home, to remember to link back up to colleagues, allies and support.

Remember why you chose to become self-employed, embrace the flexibility and freedom it can bring.

Being a solo operator can be isolating, and it can sometimes feel like your work is your life. It doesn’t need to be like that.  Click Here for tips to help you feel more connected. 



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