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Nurse Practitioners in New Zealand

Published in 2002 by the Ministry of Health
Nurse Practitioners in New Zealand


National survey of Nurse Practitioners (2015)

Coordinated by the South Island Workforce Development Hub.

This information will help to inform consistent Nurse Practitioner pathways and support the Nurse Practitioner role to continue to develop in this country

pdf NZNP survey 2015 (1.04MB)

 pdf Summary of NPNZ 2012 & 2014 survey (0.21MB)

pdf Comparison 2012 to 2014 (2.60MB) 

Decision on nurse practitioner scope of practice and further consultation 2015

Following extensive consultation the Nursing Council has confirmed it will make changes to the nurse practitioner scope of practice and education programmes that prepare nurse practitioners to meet future health needs of New Zealanders. These changes will not come into effect until the Council has completed a further consultation on new education programme standards and competencies for nurse practitioner

The scope of practice has been broadened and the requirement to restrict nurse practitioners to a specific area of practice has been removed. This model has been safely implemented in Australia. Nurse practitioners as advanced clinicians will be expected to self-regulate and practice within their area of competence and experience. Nurse practitioners in New Zealand have demonstrated safe advanced practice since they were first regulated in 2001.

The Council believes that these changes will allow greater flexibility and utility for nurse practitioners to meet future health needs of New Zealanders, including rural and other underserved and diverse and aging populations. The revised scope of practice also makes the role and contribution of nurse practitioners clearer to employers and the public, and differentiates the nurse practitioner from advanced registered nurse roles.

The Council has also decided to refocus the education programmes to prepare nurse practitioners. These programmes will have more specific programme outcomes and include 300 hours of protected clinical learning time. These changes will lead to greater consistency and breadth in nurse practitioner preparation and improve readiness for registration on completion of the programme.

Mobility Parking Permits

pdf Mobility Parking Permit (0.18MB) 

Metoprolol alert for feedback

 pdf Metoprolol alert (0.18MB)

 Best Practice Advocacy Centre New Zealand

 You may already know about (or receive) the Best Practice Journal and the ‘Best tests’ publications that bpacnz prepares; and all our material is available to view for free online at www.bpac.org.nz. This is where I was hoping to contact you, as secretary for NPNZ.

 Part of my role is to actively facilitate an increase in our online materials by health professionals in New Zealand. Our online ‘Mybpac’ accounts are free, and allow users to personalise the content they see, store favourite articles and complete CME quizzes and audits. In addition, some Nurse Practitioners are able to access personalised reports on dispensed pharmaceuticals and laboratory tests performed. Articles on the website include the latest prescribing information, and articles on best practice which I hope would prove useful to Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses and Nursing Students.

 We currently have over 300 nurses signed up with Mybpac accounts, although we are hoping to increase this number over time. I note the College of Nurses website contains links of interest at http://www.nurse.org.nz/links-of-interest.html, and similarly there is an NP Resources link at http://www.nurse.org.nz/np-links.html. I’m wondering whether NPNZ would be interested in listing bpacnz as a resource on the nurse.org.nz site?

 If you have any other feedback, or if there is any other NPNZ forum you feel that bpacnz resources could be used in, then please let me know.

 Kind Regards

 Jared Graham

Project Manager

Best Practice Advocacy Centre New Zealand



Horowhenua Rules Supreme in MDHB 2013 Health Awards


 Bisphosphonate monitoring

 pdf Bisphosphonate monitoring (0.01MB)

Special authority update

November 2011pdf Special authority update Nov 11.pdf (0.01MB)


 pdf Hospital medicines list 2013 (1.49MB)

  pdf Ministry of Health Changes to regulations July 2011... (0.27MB)

pdf Medicines Amendment Regulations 2011 (2.22MB) 

pdf Misuse of Drugs Amendments Regulations 2005 (0.12MB)

pdf Medicines(Designated Prescriber: Nurse Practitioners) Regulations 2005.. (0.27MB) 

NP and do no resuscitate orders

November 2011pdf NPs and DNR orders Nov 11.pdf (0.04MB)

 College of Radiologist's letter

March 2009pdf College of Radiogists letter.pdf (0.08MB)

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