Welcome to Nurse Practitioners New Zealand


NPNZ is an organisation that provides a collective voice to advance Mātanga Tapuhi/Nurse Practitioner practice and enable high quality integrated and accessible healthcare throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.



  • Excellence in health through service delivery, research and policy
  • Provide better, sooner, more convenient care
  • Honest and respectful partnerships
  • Nurse Practitioner leadership for New Zealand Mātanga Tapuhi/Nurse Practitioners
  • The Treaty of Waitangi is the foundation for Mātanga Tapuhi/Nurse Practitioner practice


  • Promote excellence in advanced clinical nursing through practice, education and research
  • Enhance capacity of the Mātanga Tapuhi/Nurse Practitioner practice in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Provide Mātanga Tapuhi/Nurse Practitioner leadership for legislation, regulation and policy development
  • Provide resource and consultation for healthcare practice in New Zealand

Areas of Interest