Nursing Praxis

Nursing Praxis in New Zealand is an e- journal for professional nursing, published 3 times a year, all College Members receive a subscription to Nursing Praxis.

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Editorial Board

Editors-In-Chief:                                                Editors:

Dr Jean Gilmour RN PhD MCNA(NZ)                     Dr Norma Chick PE RN RM PhD
Dr Jill Wilkinson RN PhD MCNA(NZ)                     Dr Mandie Foster RN PhD
                                                                         Dr Willem Fourie RN,PhD,FCNA(NZ)
                                                                         Dr Kaye Milligan RN PhD MA(Hons) BN MCNA(NZ)
                                                                         Dr Kathy Nelson RN MAPhD
                                                                         Dr Tineke Water RNPhD

Vision: To contribute to knowledge transmission and utilisation that stimulates and encourages praxis – “the action and reflection of people upon their world in order to transform it” (Friere, 1972).

Mission: To publish research, commentaries and discussion papers related to New Zealand, the Pacific Rim, and Indigenous peoples that are relevant to any aspect of nursing or healthcare practice that has the potential to influence nursing practice.

Nursing Praxis in New Zealand publishes material which reflects upon and is relevant to any aspect of nursing practice in New Zealand , and which has a nurse or midwife as the sole or principal author. With a particular interest in research-based practice oriented articles all Nurses are encouraged to submit Manuscripts to Nursing Praxis in New Zealand with a view to publication.

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