College Endorsement


As part of its mandate, the College seeks to support registered nurses in their ongoing professional development within the Nursing Council’s Continuing Competence Framework (2008). To ensure nurses have access to professional development events that are of a high professional standard, the College offers opportunities for providers of conferences, courses, seminars, or workshops to seek College endorsement.

Endorsement in this instance determines that the College is satisfied that the event being provided is of a high standard that will

  • enable participants to achieve hours relevant to the 60 professional development hours required by Nursing Council to be undertaken over a three year period (Nursing Council, 2008).

  • Offer event providers the ability to state College endorsement.

Events such as those listed above, consistent with the College philosophy, are eligible to apply for endorsement. Events of relevance to nursing are eligible for endorsement.

Following successful endorsement the College will allocate;

  • Professional Development hours for the event.

  • Wording for relevant promotional and marketing materials.

  • A College logo for use on Professional Development certification.

*Please note that the College logo is copyright and as such can only be used for the designated endorsed event.

Endorsement will be valid for two years for short courses, repeat seminars and workshops provided no changes are made within this time frame. For a single event such as a conference, endorsement will only be valid for the duration of that event. Re-endorsement requires the activity to be reviewed.

Should the College choose not to endorse a particular event this decision can be revisited with submission of further documentation. The College Board will, on request, review any appealed decision.

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2. Event content
Conference, short course, seminar or workshop has a clearly defined aim/ purpose appropriate to nursing education and/ or professional development.

3. Appropriately qualified facilitator/ guest speaker(s) to meet the aims of the event.
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4. Programme structure

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