This suite of resources is designed to support nurses considering self-employment or building a business.

Planning a new business can feel daunting, especially for registered nurses and nurse practitioners, as unlike midwifery, physiotherapy or general practice, the New Zealand nursing profession does not have a strong history of self-employment.

You may be considering solo-self-employment or becoming an employer. Whichever you chose there are links in this resource kit to support you at each stage, from set-up to self-care, as well as how to maintain your money and your professional nursing registration.

The resource comes with links to the professional supervisor’s page on the College of Nurses website, but for specific enquiries about setting up a business in nursing please contact the College office on

*Note: We have provided examples of service providers in the supplied links. These are only examples, not recommendations, please do your homework before selecting a service provider, make sure they suit your personal business requirements, location and budget.

Areas of Interest