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goodfellow Gem:  14.02.2019
pdf Emergency contraception in women weighing over... (0.14MB)
Chlamydia testing may need to be more intensive
pdf Chlamydia testing may need to be more intensive... (0.12MB)
Iron supplements on alternative days may be as effective as daily with fewer adverse effects
pdf Iron supplements on alternative days may be as... (0.12MB)
Ketogenic diet may cause small reductions in weight but no long-term data 
pdf Ketogenic diet may cause small reductions in... (0.16MB)
Goodfellow Gems: No antibiotics for asymptomatic bacteriuria in non-pregnant women
pdf Goodfellow Gem 22.11.2018.pdf (0.12MB)

gOODFELLOW GEMS:  Vildagliptin – now fully funded gliptin for type 2 diabetes
pdf Goodfellow Gem 07.11.2018.pdf (0.19MB)

Bisphosphonate holiday for some after 4 to 5 years
pdf Bisphosphonate holiday for some after 4 to 5... (0.17MB)
Oral flucloxacillin 1000 mg with food TDS is probably effective
pdf Oral flucloxacillin 1000 mg with food TDS is... (0.05MB)
Goodfellow Gems: Sniffing isopropyl alcohol effective for acute nausea in emergency settings
pdf Goodfellow Gem 28.09.2018.pdf (0.08MB)
Recent opioid use may cause fall-related injury among older patients with trauma
pdf Goodfellow Gems 30.08.2018.pdf (0.12MB)  
Primary care weight loss study results in 46% getting remission from diabeteS
pdf Goodfellow Gem 14.09.2018.pdf (0.05MB)
Rivaroxaban (a DOAC) fully funded from 1 August 2018
pdf Goodfellow Gem 10.08.2018.pdf (0.13MB)
Tai Chi is probably better than aerobic exercise for fibromyalgia
pdf Goodfellow Gems 19.07.2018.pdf (0.07MB)
Guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic non-malignant pain
pdf Goodfellow Gems 05.07.2018.pdf (0.10MB)
Vaginal self-swab better for STIs in women than other tests
pdf Goodfellow Gems 25.06.2018.pdf (0.11MB)
Managment Tips For The Common Cold
pdf Goodfellow GeM 06.06.2018 (0.12MB)
Highlights from 2017 BPAC antibiotic guide
pdf Goodfellow Gem 25.05.2018.pdf (0.15MB)
Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes incidence rising in adolescents due to many factors
pdf Goodfellow Gem 10.05.2018.pdf (0.15MB)

HRT not for primary prevention of chronic disease and probably causes urinary incontinence
pdf Goodfellow Gem 25.04.2018 (0.09MB)
The Triple whammy of (ace/arb) + (diuretic) + (NSAID) is a dangerous trio
pdf Goodfellow Gem 11.04.2018 (0.11MB)
New NZ CVD Primary Care Consensus Statement 1,2
pdf Goodfellow Gem 28.03.2018 (0.12MB)

7 points for clinical diagnosis of gout without joint fluid analysis
pdf Goodfellow Gem 14.03.2018 (0.14MB)
Hydrolysed no different from conventional formula for infants at risk for type 1 diabetes
pdf Goodfellow Gems 02.03.2018.pdf (0.08MB)
Two screening questions can rule out depression
pdfGoodfellow Gems 16.02.2018.pdf(0.06MB)
Acute gout: steroids as effective as NSAIDS but fewer side effects
pdf Goodfellow Gem 31.01.2018 (0.30MB)
Cold Cabbage Leaves May Be As Good as cold gel packs for breast engorgement, and better than nothing at all
pdf Goodfellow Gem 10.01.2018 (0.20MB)
Pain control in sciatica. NSAIDs, corticosteroids, and antidepressants of small benefit 
pdf Goodfellow Gem 27.12.2017 (0.13MB)
Gabapentinoids are probably ineffective in chronic low-back pain and have significant adverse effects
pdf Goodfellow Gems 14.12.2017.pdf (0.12MB)
Paracetamol Is ineffective for acute and chronic Low-back pain
pdf Goodfellow Gem 22.11.2017 (0.12MB)
Sleep training improves infant sleep problems
pdf Goodfellow Gems 08.11.2017.pdf (0.10MB)
Tricyclics may prevent tension-type headache and reduce analgesic use
pdf Goodfellow Gem 26.10.2017 1.pdf (0.19MB)
Short term steroids may be associated with sepsis, thrombosis, and fractures
pdf Goodfellow Gem 12.10.2017 (0.11MB)
The nurse telephone call is a powerful tool for depression and possibly post-partum depression
pdf Goodfellow Gem 28.09.2017 (0.10MB)
Mild, Moderate and vigorous exercise may be effective for depression
pdf Goodfellow Gem 14.09.2017 (0.14MB)
Coeliac disease can be asymptomatic: four reasons to treat it 1
pdf Goodfellow Gem 30.08.2017 (0.10MB)
Most antidepressant benefit seen in primary care is due to placebo. Talk first prescribe later.
pdf Goodfellow Gem 16.08.2017 (0.10MB)
 7 key H pylori points from the Maastricht V/Florence Consensus Report 20161
pdf Goodfellow Gem 02.08.2017 (0.09MB)

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