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Te Pauwai picture.jpgThe College Journal produced in April, August and November each year is distributed to all College members and other subscribers. Te Puawai contents include current information and articles of interest to College members. Advertising options are available for Te Puawai, contact the College office for details. 


April 2011

  • Editorial - Prof Jenny Carryer
  • Letters to the Editor
  • The National Nursing Consortium - specialty standards endorsement
  • Nurses in the Park - a personal account of the Christchurch Earthquake
  • Another coup for Nelson
    The complexities of self management and the value of nurse navigators
  • Key messages to normalise smoking cessation interventions in nurse practice

November 2010 issue

  • Editorial - Prof Jenny Carryer
  • College AGM announcement
  • Health - The Wealth of a Nation Symposium information
  • New College Board Member
  • More hurdles for nurse prescribing - Dr Jill Wilkinson
  • Chief Nurse steps into her role
  • Nurses perspective on end of life care: "Health priorities debate" survey report - Judy Yarwood
  • Reflections on critical care in the USA - Prof Jenny Carryer
  • Professional Portfolio Presentation Workshops
  • New Regional Coordinators for Waikato

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August 2010 issue

  • Editorial - Prof Jenny Carryer
  • Nurse Practitioners: changing the landscape of health delivery

  • Health - The Wealth of a Nation Symposium information

  • Inspiring stories from NURSING100 celebrating 100 years of nursing

  • Update on health professional concerns about alcohol use in NZ
  • Long Road to NP Status – Angela Bates

  • A tale of interdisciplinary working in South Auckland

  • National Nursing Consortium - Practice Standards Endorsement

  • Sabbatical in London – Prof Jenny Carryer

  • Working with Consumers

  • Download a copy here pdf TE PUAWAI August 2010 PROOF.pdf (2.62MB) 

    April 2010 issue

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer                                            
  • Physician Assistant Role proposed for New Zealand                    
  • Nurse, Care for thyself - Dr Mark Jones                          
  • Nursing 100 - Celebrate International Nurses Day 100 years
  • Antenatal and Newborn Screening in New Zealand
  • Rural General Practice Network Conference
  • Consumer Alliances align with the College of Nurses vision
  • The importance of a nursing strategy for residential aged care
  • College and Regional Group News
  • Report - Expert Nursing Advisory Group on Smoking Cessation

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November 2009

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • College Symposium 2009 - Nursing and the Health of Older People: Practice, Policy and Partnership
  • “Depo-Provera, Is this an ideal contraceptive for young people, but what about depression”? -Louise Roebuck
  • The Therapeutic Uses Of Ache - Dr Glenn Colquhoun

pdf 2009 Nov Te Puawai.pdf (7.09MB) 

August 2009

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Quality Improvment in Plunket: A Six Year Journey - Florence Trout
  • "Oh, You're one of those Nurses?" - Angela Bouwers
  • Community based nursing - a job to be proud of - Jill Tresize

pdf 2009 August Te Puawai.pdf (1.32MB) 

April 2009

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • The Global Economic Crisis - An opportunity for nurses - Vicky Noble, Dr Katherine Nelson
  • Nursing collaborates on project to address issues related to professional competency
  • ACC Nurse Liason Report - Bruce Yarwood

November 2008

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Gender and Violence - Lainey Elliston
  • Rangatahi - Our Future Workforce - Nadine Maloney
  • Exloring the differences - A NZ / US Dialogue - Sarah Kooienga and Jenny Carryer

August 2008

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Health Manifesto - A message to the incoming Goverment from the College of Nurses, Aotearoa, (NZ) Inc.

April 2008

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Report on Oxford Round Table: Obesity and the Quest for Affluence - Prof. Jenny Carryer
  • Working New Zealand: Work Focused Support - Dr David Bratt ( adapted from a presentation)
  • National Homeless Forum - Dr Jill Wilkinson
  • Guiding lights: The Depression Guidelines - Joanna Davidson
  • Soft Targets: Nurses and the Pharmaceutical Industry - Annemarie Jutel & David b Menkes (PDF 2mb)

November 2007

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Report on the College Symposium "Obesity - Fa(c)t or Fiction?"
  • Primary Health Care Update - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Nurse Practitioner Facilitation Programme (NPF) - Liz Manning
  • Nurse Practitioner of New Zealand Conference - Helen Snell
  • Pilot: Community Cardiac Failure Nurse Practitioner Clinic for Taranaki - Brigitte Lindsay

July 2007

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • From Lerning into Practice: A Reflective Process - Marry Daly
  • Primary Health Nursing in an Ideal World - Mary Jane Gilmer
  • Primary Health Care Group Update 
  • Hutt Valley Health Hospital Achieves Magnet Status

APRIL 2007

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Family Health Nursing in Scotland - Lessons for New Zealand
     - Judy Yarwood
  • Are We Productive? - Taima Campbell
  • Developing Nursing in Primary Health Care: The Long Running Saga! - Professor Jenny Carryer


  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carrier
  • Executive Directors Report 2006 
  • Care Plus Workshop - Michal Boyd, RN, NP, ND

July 2006

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carrier
  • Case Management Outcomes: Are We All Speaking The Same Language - Dr Michal Boyd, RN, ND, FCNA(NZ)
  • Providing Quality Care in Residential Aged Care Setting - Viewpoint
    Sylvia Roeters RN, PGDip Nursing (Older Person), MPhil, MCNA(NZ) Co-ordinator Elder Person Nursing Network
  • International Trends in Age Care - Anthea H Penny, RGON, Adv. Dip. Nursing(Distinction), DHM (Massey), MHealthMgt (Hons), FCHSE

April 2006

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Leading for Outcomes - A Framework for Holistic Care - Mark Jones & Richard McLachlan
  • Consumer Partnerships - The National Council of Women of NZ - Mary Jane Gilmer
  • Rural Women NZ - Judy Yarwood
  • Grey Power - Dr Stephen Neville
  • Meat in the Sandwich - Taima Campbell

November 2005

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • The Problem with Needs Based Health Policy -Dr Denise Wilson
  • Health Watch New Zealand Limited - Brigid McRae
  • Opinion Piece re HIV Disclosure - Steve Attwood
  • Pandemic Influenza Reference Committee - Rhondda Knox

July 2005

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Modelling Collaboration within Autonomous Community Development Practice: An Interview with Karen Hoare - Denise Wilson RN, PhD, FCNA(NZ), Board Member
  • Continuing Implementation of the Nurse Practitioner Role - Jenny Carryer, RN, PhD, FCNA(NZ)
  • Anthroposophical Nursing - Tessa Therkleson, RN, MSocSci, MCNA(NZ)
  • Stalking - The Experiences of two Groups: Mental Health Clinicians & University Students - Frances Hughes RN, DNurs, FCNA(NZ)

April 2005

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • School Nurses and Primary Health Care - Phillipa Bennetts
  • The Cost of Nursing Turnover and Its Impact on Nurse and Patient Outcomes: A Longitudinal New Zealand Study - Dr Nicola North, Prof. Frances Hughes, Dr Mary Finlayson, Erling Rasmussen, Dr Toni Ashton, Taima Campbell & Sharon Tomkins

November 2004

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • The Global Shortage of Registered Nures: An Overview of Issues and Actions - International Council of Nurses (ICN), Florence Nightingale International Foundation (FNIF), Burdett Trust for Nursing

July 2004

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Infection Prevention and Control - Victoria Smith
  • Report on the ACC Nurse Liaison Group - Jenny Phillips
  • Changes to ACC Medical Misadventure - A Report

March 2004

  • Editorial - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Nursing Scope of Practice under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act - Dr Jenny Carryer
  • Indemnity Insurance Information - A Report
  • National Framework for Nursing Professionals Developement & Recognition Programmes A Working Party Report - Di Roud
  • National Clinical Action Plan for Emerging Infectious Diseases - Beverley Herbert
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