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No. 304 15 June 2016

National news

Witt nursing students get glimpse of changing role of nurses
Witt nursing students have been given a glimpse of their future by the Polytech's head of nursing Diana Fergusson.
Speaking this week at Bachelor of Nursing students hui where a series of scholarships were presented, she told a gathering of 130 students and whanau the Ministry of Health's refreshed national health strategy painted a picture different from the one it last drew at the turn of the century.
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Innovative Tairāwhiti programme scores well
A new study has shown that a rural health professional programme on the East Coast of the North Island near Gisborne is highly successful for students, patients and the local community.
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Research shows huge difference in diabetes rates across Auckland suburbs
People living in South Auckland are twice as likely to suffer from diabetes than those who live across the Harbour Bridge.
Researchers from the University of Auckland made the finding in a new study which looked at diabetes distribution across electoral districts in the city.
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Health funding

Health budget $248 million short - unions
A budget-stretched health system is leading to suffering by patients and hospital staff, and something has got to give, unions say.
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Explainer: The battle over health funding - the numbers and the politics
EXPLAINER: The health system is stretched - that much we know. 
But just how stretched is up for debate and like anything in politics, depends on the lens you're looking through. 
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Mental health

International expert to investigate seclusion in New Zealand
The United Nations will fund a review into seclusion and restraint practices in New Zealand following concerns about their use.
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Pressure on the front line of mental health
New figures show big rises in crisis mental health referrals at many of the country's hospitals, and some health workers are describing it as dangerous. Nine to Noon speaks to Andy Colwell, a mental health worker in the Auckland region who is co-convenor of the PSA's Mental Health committee and Professor Max Abbot - Dean of health sciences at AUT and member of the Waitemata DHB Board of Directors
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Obese toddlers offered weight loss programmes in new health drive
In a bid to combat childhood obesity, more than 1000 South Island pre-schoolers classified as being obese will be offered help to manage their weight.
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Patient safety

Tidying makes hospital a safer place
Tidying up wards and re-organising storerooms at Dunedin Hospital makes patients safer and frees up staff, project leaders say.
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DHBs warned ageing assets could fail patients
District health boards (DHBs) have been warned their services to patients could suffer if they do not improve the maintenance of equipment and buildings.
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Pharmac reveals new drug funding list
Pharmac will fund six new treatments, after the government gave it an extra $124 million over four years in May's Budget.
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Nelson Marlborough DHB works to lower painkiller prescription rates
The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board is taking steps to reduce unnecessary prescriptions of powerful painkillers. 
Results from the Health Quality and Safety Commission's Atlas of Healthcare Variation show the health board has the second highest rate of strong opioid prescriptions in New Zealand. 
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Public health

CCDHB cuts Porirua schools rheumatic fever throat-swabbing programme
A Porirua deputy principal has slammed plans to stop a school-based programme designed to combat the region's high rate of rheumatic fever.
The Ministry of Health launched the prevention programme in 2012, which included throat swabbing at Porirua primary schools.
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International news

2-way communication, the challenge of nurse retention and more: Q&A with Cleveland Clinic's CNO
With three Magnet-designated hospitals, Cleveland Clinic — among other well-noted areas of excellence — is one of the premier healthcare systems for nursing in the country. At the helm of the system's nursing program is Executive Chief Nursing Officer Kelly Hancock, DNP, RN.
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MU Health gets creative to recruit experienced nurses
The demand for nurses has skyrocketed the past few years. Hospitals are seeing a rise in patients because of the easier access to health care and higher life spans. 
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Nurses college to revise rules on assisted dying
VANCOUVER - British Columbia's college of nurses says it will revise its directive to members after the criminal justice branch said it wouldn't prosecute nurses who help in the assisted-dying process.
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Articles of interest

A randomised, controlled study of outcome and cost effectiveness for RA patients attending nurse-led rheumatology clinics: Study protocol of an ongoing nationwide multi-centre study
The rise in the number of patients with arthritis coupled with understaffing of medical services has seen the deployment of Clinical Nurse Specialists in running nurse-led clinics alongside the rheumatologist clinics. There are no systematic reviews of nurse-led care effectiveness in rheumatoid arthritis. Few published RCTs exist and they have shown positive results for nurse-led care but they have several limitations and there has been no economic assessment of rheumatology nurse-led care in the UK.
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From the Ministry of Health

Standardised Tobacco Products and Packaging Draft Regulations
Consultation document
Published online: 31 May 2016
In 2013 the Government decided to introduce a new regulatory scheme to standardise tobacco products and packaging
The legislation that creates the regulatory powers to bring in standardised tobacco products and packaging – theSmoke-free Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment Bill ‑ is currently progressing through Parliament. The date when the regulations will come into force depends on when the Bill is passed, and has yet to be determined. 
Regulations will be needed to bring the new regulatory scheme into force. The Government has not yet made any final decisions on these detailed regulatory requirements and the Ministry of Health is now seeking feedback on draft regulations for the Bill. 
The scope of the current consultation is confined to the proposed requirements for standardised tobacco products and packages as set out in the exposure draft of the regulations (PDF, 637 KB)
The consultation document (PDF, 471 KB) gives an overview of the exposure draft regulations, raises a number of consultation issues, and poses specific questions which may help you to prepare your submission.
The draft regulations are set out in four parts:
Part 1 sets out general requirements that will apply to all tobacco products (subpart 1) and all tobacco packages (subpart 2) respectively. 
Part 2 contains provisions that apply only to cigarettes, cigarette packs and cigarette cartons. 
Part 3 relates to loose tobacco packaging.
Part 4 covers packaging for cigars.
Consultation issues and questions are set out in the consultation document under two headings.
Size and quantities of tobacco products.
Permitted markings on tobacco packages.
Submitters can also suggest other additional features to increase the effectiveness of standardised packaging and make other comments on the content of the draft regulations.

The Ministry welcomes submissions on the content and coverage of the draft regulations, backed up wherever possible with detailed reasons and factual evidence. We are particularly interested in the impact and practical implications of the proposed regulations, including for compliance and enforcement.

Please note that both the contents of the Bill and the earlier policy decision to standardise tobacco products and packaging have been the subject of previous public consultation, and are outside the scope of this consultation.

How to have your say

The closing date for submissions is: 5 pm Friday 29 July 2016.

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