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Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 310 27 July 2016


National news

Nurturing a homegrown nursing workforce
A new initiative to be piloted by Capital & Coast DHB will see nursing students benefit from a more comprehensive and collaborative learning experience, and become better prepared for their entry into the health care workforce.
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Graduate nurses have hopes broken after computer glitch
Nearly 300 graduate nurses searching for jobs had their hopes raised and then shattered when they were mistakenly sent an email offering them a job at Auckland District Health Board.
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Public Health Nursing Aotearoa Update
Following the recent online survey looking at the opinions of public health nurses into standing orders and nurse prescribing, please find the preliminary results for comment. Any additional comments can be sent to the author via and will be incorporated into the final report anonymously.
The final research will be available towards the end of the year following Massey University examination.
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Aged care

Kiwi cooperative launches into battle against dementia
The New Zealand Dementia Cooperative (NZDC) today launches an interactive online community to help health professionals in the serious fight against dementia, one of the world’s most important health issues.
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Cancer issues

Cancer patients forced to play waiting game
About one in five people with a high suspicion of cancer in the Southern District Health Board area have to wait more than 62 days for their first treatment, Ministry of Health figures to the end of March show.
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Cancer, alcohol study misleading - Spirits NZ
A new study which links drinking to seven different types of cancer has been dismissed by the New Zealand Spirits Industry.
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Alcohol linked to seven different cancers
A study carried out in New Zealand has found a strong link between alcohol consumption and seven different types of cancer.
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New review concludes that evidence for alcohol causing cancer is strong
A new review of epidemiological evidence supports a causal association between alcohol consumption and cancers at seven sites in the body: oropharynx, larynx, esophagus, liver, colon, rectum and female breast.
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Developing New Zealand norms to assess health outcomes
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a leading cause of long-term disability worldwide. Research findings in the past few years have suggested that rates of TBI in New Zealand are far higher than those found in other developed countries, which is a great concern.
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Teachers, nurses, police priced out of Auckland housing
Auckland could face a shortage of teachers, paramedics and other essential staff if the city's house prices continue to rise beyond their means.
Already schools in the city are struggling to fill staffing gaps, or even find relievers on a daily basis. Other services expect staffing levels could follow suit if nothing changes
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Mental health

Use of seclusion rooms questioned
The Office of the Ombudsman has found the use of seclusion rooms as bedrooms at Tauranga Hospital's mental health unit, Te Whare Maiangiangi, amounts to potentially cruel and inhuman treatment of patients.
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Study shows long-term benefits of weight loss surgery
Obese patients with type 2 diabetes in New Zealand have had good long-term results after weight loss surgery, according to a new study.
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Massey tests team weight loss competition for Māori and Pasifika
A new team weight loss competition for Māori and Pacific people is to be trialled by Massey University’s School of Public Health. The study, led by Associate Professor Marewa Glover, will involve three competitions, in Northland, Manawatū and a Pasifika competition in Auckland.
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Primary health care

Marlborough residents embrace pill-less Green Prescriptions for healthy eating and exercise
A pill-less prescription has helped hundreds of Marlborough residents become more active. Reporter Selina Powell talked with two participants about how the programme has changed their lives.
Helen Mason thought of her children when a visit to the doctor delivered sobering news.
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New report examines the sustainability of very high needs practices
A report recently commissioned by the National Hauora Coalition (NHC) examining the sustainability of general practices with ‘very high-needs’ populations in a capitated environment points to the higher costs and challenges of providing care to predominantly ‘high-needs’ groups.
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44,780 patients returned to GP: Labour
The annual tally of patients denied access to a hospital specialist has grown to around 45,000, a "shocking" figure which shows health is not receiving enough money from the Government, the Labour Party says.
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The regions where you're most likely to miss out on surgery
Patients living in the central and lower North Island are most likely to be rebuffed from the operating table because their DHBs are struggling to cope with surgical demand. 
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Canterbury Charity Hospital founder Phil Bagshaw slams Government data on unmet need
Government data showing how many patients are missing out on surgery in Canterbury is a "complete fudge", Canterbury Charity Hospital founder Phil Bagshaw says.
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Medical and specialist treatment from Counties Manukau to Samoa by video call
People living in the Pacific Islands are now getting help from Middlemore Hospital.
Counties Manukau Health has teamed up with the Samoan National Health Service to use video conferencing to get support from clinicians for specialist treatment.
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Waikato shares knowledge of delirium in new e-learning package
A new e-learning package for health staff is shining light into the frightening experience of delirium.
"Getting into their movie" - A poster to promote the new delirium e-learning module illustrates how the experience of delirium can feel like a horror movie for those inside it. The Delirium Moodle package for health professionals has been developed by Waikato DHB and is available to other healthcare organisations.
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Zika Virus: What We Know and Do Not Know
Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice
August 2016, Volume 30 Number 4 , p 194 - 197 [FREE]
We keep hearing seemingly every day about Zika virus. With all the hype, we are dreading the coming spring and summer. How great is the risk? What are the symptoms of infection and what can be done? Where are the best sources of evidence for practice and patients?
Zika virus (ZIKV) is a rapidly expanding infection with confirmed cases in 18 countries of the Americas. This virus is related to the large family of other flaviviruses, which include yellow fever virusdengue fever virus (DENV), and Japanese encephalitis virus, and most similar to the spondweni virus that is usually found in Africa. Transmission to humans is accomplished by a mosquito bite usually of the genus Aedes. However, other mosquito species have been identified as vectors as well. The primary vector for the 2015 to 2016 Zika outbreak has been identified as Aedes aegypti, which also transmits DENV.
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International news

California Nurse Practitioners Lose Battle For Independent Practice, Again
Legislation to allow California’s nurse practitioners more independence in treating patients has fizzled for the year — and it’s not the first time.
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More registered nurses join nursing council
TWENTY six (26) more nurses have been registered into the Nursing Council of Solomon Islands, in a ceremony yesterday.
The registration ceremony took place at the Wesley United Church witnessed by relatives, friends, and family members.
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Thousands of student nurses cheating their way through training, universities reveal
Thousands of student nurses have been caught cheating amid what experts fear is a hidden wave of plagiarism with potentially lethal consequences for patients.
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Lobbying battle over giving nurses more authority to treat veterans intensifies
Six days before the window closes for public comments, a Veterans Affairs proposal to expand nurses’ authority to treat veterans without a doctor’s supervision has drawn 71,520 comments online.
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Bursaries for student nurses and midwives to be scrapped by government
Health bodies and unions have reacted angrily after the Government confirmed plans to axe bursaries for student nurses and midwives.
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33,000 EU-trained nurses registered to work in UK
Some 33,000 nurses trained in the EU are registered to work in the UK, figures show.
Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) data, obtained by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), shows there are more EU-trained nurses registered to work in the UK than the number of nurses employed in the whole of Wales.
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Workplace cyberbullying is an insidious form of bullying that can stalk you from the hospital to home via the phone in your pocket. Researcher Natalia D’Souza wants to talk to nurses who may have experienced unwanted aggressive behaviour via any form of electronic media from text and email to social media and instant messaging. FIONA CASSIE reports.
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Articles of interest

Work stress among newly graduated nurses in relation to workplace and clinical group supervision
The aim was to investigate occupational stress among newly graduated nurses in relation to the workplace and clinical group supervision.
Being a newly graduated nurse is particularly stressful. What remains unclear is whether the workplace and clinical group supervision affect the stress.
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Shared decision-making on a ‘life-and-care plan’ in long-term care facilities: research protocol
To determine whether the number of residents' preferences and needs together with the actions taken to satisfy them recorded into their ‘life-and-care plans’ will increase and the process of shared decision-making will improve the residents' psychosocial well-being.
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Nursing documentation of pressure ulcers in nursing homes: comparison of record content and patient examinations
The aim of this study was to describe the accuracy and quality of nursing documentation of the prevalence, risk factors and prevention of pressure ulcers, and compare retrospective audits of nursing documentation with patient examinations conducted in nursing homes.
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Does administrative support negate the consequences of nurse abuse?
To assess the relationship between disruptive/abusive situations and the ‘intention to leave’ nursing.
While every nurse deserves to feel safe in his or her working environment, nurse abuse remains a common occurrence worldwide. Only when hospitals are safe, is retention enhanced and patient care improved.
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From the Ministry of Health

Green Prescription Active Families Survey Report: 2016
The Green Prescription (GRx) Active Families programme has grown out of the nationwide GRx initiative for adults, responding to requests from primary care for something similar for children and young people. There are 15 contract holders throughout NZ.
There must be commitment from the family for involvement in the programme and a willingness to improve their nutrition and increase physical activity.
Criteria for admittance to the programme is an inactive child with a BMI of over 25.  1075 children and their families were referred to the programme during 2014/15 mainly referred by GPs and paediatricians. Families are able to refer themselves to the programme
This is the eighth annual survey, the sixth conducted on behalf of the Ministry, the others conducted by SPARC before the transfer of GRx to the Ministry in July 2009. The questionnaire is distributed to programme participants approximately six months after entry into the programme.
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