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Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 311 3 August 2016


National news

Call for clinicians’ innovative health IT ideas
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman is calling on clinicians to submit innovative ideas on healthcare.
“Clinicians have an insider’s view of where innovation can be applied to improve healthcare services,” says Dr Coleman.
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Access Community Health and Rural Women New Zealand award two $3000 health scholarships
For the first time in the history of the Access Community Health and Rural Women New Zealand (RWNZ) scholarship there are two recipients. The standard of applications was very high and the review panel could not separate the top two applicants. Felicity Lallier from Horowhenua and Jo Tiller from Greymouth will each receive a $3,000 fund to help support their health-related post graduate studies.
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Hospital bosses to protect patients from Pokemon Go gamers
Hospital bosses are set to protect patients' privacy from Pokemon GO gamers after the digital creatures showed up on the real world app wandering the corridors.
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Sleep pods to be funded as officials over-ruled
New mums will have access to life-saving safe sleep bassinets after a Government policy U-turn following a Herald investigation.
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has over-ruled his officials, reversed a decade-long refusal to fund safe-sleep devices and ordered an urgent national roll-out to save babies' lives.
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Cancer issues

Bowel cancer screening could save 100 lives a year
Health officials warned the government New Zealand was one of the worst among developed countries when it comes to bowel cancer.
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First survey in series identifies extent of DHB’s senior doctor shortage
The union for senior doctors and dentists has begun surveying the heads of departments in public hospitals to get an accurate picture of specialist shortages.
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Nelson Marlborough DHB staff vaccination rates 'below expectations'
The governance group tasked with driving flu vaccination rates across the Top of the South has struggled to convince its own members to take up the free jab.
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Health funding and research

New Zealand research key to reducing $820m annual spend on Spinal Cord Injuries
Greater investment in New Zealand research has the potential to deliver massive future savings on the country’s $820m annual healthcare spend on spinal cord injuries (SCI) says CatWalk – the country’s foremost research funding trust for SCI.
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Concerns hospitals may rely on charity to buy critical equipment
Wellington Hospital has raised nearly $2m for an advanced medical kit - but staff say they shouldn't need to fundraise for things like that.
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Mental health

Support Groups for Suicide Loss – Strengthening our communities. 
The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is pleased to share our suicide bereavement resources in honour of Loss and Grief Awareness Week: Support groups for suicide loss: video series and handbook
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Delays in mental health support 'intolerable'
Thousands of young New Zealanders are waiting weeks, or even months, for mental health care -- a situation one MP calls "intolerable".
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Cost of suicide - not just an emotional toll
New figures indicated suicide is not only a personal tragedy but has a substantial economic cost.
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Call for nominations to Suicide and Media Expert Panel
Suicide in New Zealand is a significant health and social issue. The way suicide is reported can increase the risk of suicide, however responsible conversations can also help prevent it.
Section 71 of the Coroners Act 2006 sets out some restrictions on what can be made public. The Act was recently amended to clarify the restrictions. Go to Talking about suicide to find out more.
The Coroners Amendment Act 2016 includes the establishment of a Suicide and Media Expert Panel to advise the Chief Coroner about applications for exemptions.
The Panel will consist of up to four members who, collectively, will have expertise in suicide prevention, Māori youth suicide, tikanga Māori and media.
The Director-General of Health is now calling for nominations to the Panel. Applicants must have a significant level of expertise in at least one of the member categories above, and be able to:
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Triage system for 111 mental health calls
All mental health-related calls to 111 and other lines will be triaged through a single system from early next year.
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Kiwis could weigh in as the fattest country in the world in the next five years, with around one third of adults classed as obese.
New Zealand has reached a crucial tipping point in how we handle such a rapidly growing health issue, and while the financial cost of obesity is clear, what about the emotional and physical toll?
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New research into effects of weight loss surgery
New Zealand's dire obesity rate has prompted a Massey University student's research into the impacts of weight loss surgery. 
The New Zealand Medical Journal in 2015 said New Zealand was on track to overtake the United States and become the fattest nation by 2020. About one third of adults in New Zealand are classed as obese.
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Public health

Health Minister welcomes wider access to vaccines
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has today welcomed Pharmac’s decision to widen access to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and varicella (chickenpox) vaccinations.
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Over 100k people to benefit from PHARMAC vaccines decisions
PHARMAC has today announced changes to funded vaccines, which will benefit an extra 100,000 people, says PHARMAC Director of Operations Sarah Fitt.
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Pharmac confirms Keytruda funding
Pharmac has confirmed it will fund the melanoma drug Keytruda.
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Social health

Girls using 'telephone books, rags' as sanitary products
Students skipping school and university or using "newspaper, telephone books, rags," as sanitary products has prompted a campaign to provide the necessary items to those in need.
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Housing prices may take toll on trained professionals
New Zealand Nurses Organisation associate professional services manager Hilary Graham-Smith was concerned that nurses could struggle to afford houses in Tauranga.
"I think this is a reflection of what is happening downstream from the overheated Auckland market which is affecting more than just nurses."
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Tobacco, drugs and alcohol

E-cigarette sales to be allowed under a new Government proposal
The sale of e-cigarettes in New Zealand will become legal under a Government proposal.
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Zika impact to be monitored
Medical professionals hope to gain a clearer idea of how best to respond to the virus.
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Is Management Leadership?
Does having a management position make us a leader? The two terms are often used interchangeably in most industries, including healthcare. When we use the two words synonymously we can cloud the understanding of what leadership actually is.
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Articles of interest

What level of competency do experienced nurses expect from a newly graduated registered nurse? Results of an Australian modified Delphi study
Individuals who have recently completed accredited courses and are eligible to register as a nurse in Australia are often referred to as not being ‘work-ready’ by clinically based colleagues. This project identified the level of competence that can be reasonably expected of a newly registered nurse (RN) graduating in Australia. The research was undertaken using the necessary skills identified by Crookes and Brown in 2010.
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Retaining nurses in metropolitan areas: insights from senior nurse and human resource managers
To investigate the views of senior nurse and human resource managers of strategies to retain hospital nurses in a metropolitan area
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Substitution of general practitioners by nurse practitioners in out-of-hours primary care: a quasi-experimental study (pages 1813–1824)
To provide insight into the impact of substituting general practitioners with nurse practitioners in out-of-hours services on: (1) the number of patients; and (2) general practitioners’ caseload (patient characteristics, urgency levels, types of complaints).
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Professional development

The Office for Disability Issues is holding a series of public workshops around the country on the new draft Disability Strategy, starting Friday 29 July.
You can read about it and register here. 

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