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Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 319 5 October 2016

National news

Safer Nursing 24/7
Shift work is inevitable for hospital nurses, but it can disrupt their sleep and increase the risk of harm to patients as well as nurses themselves.
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One in four Marlborough hospital staff aren't washing their hands enough
Doctor and nurses are still not washing their hands often enough, according to a recent report.
Hand hygiene at the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board dropped 6 per cent in the past six months, with only 75 per cent of staff reaching compliance.
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Maori not accessing mainstream health services: Ngai Tahu
The Southern District Health Board needs to work more closely with Maori health providers if it is serious about closing the health gap between Maori and non Maori, a Ngai Tahu leader says.
Donna Matahaere-Atariki, a Ngai Tahu representative on the SDHBs Disability Support Advisory Committee, said Maori were not getting access to some health services.
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Aged care

New help for the lonely elderly
New phone line offers help for elderly immigrants and those who live alone.
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Health funding and research

Canterbury District Health Board budget cuts cause long-term concern
The Canterbury District Health Board’s $37 million budget shortfall may be just the beginning of its money woes. A review of its finances obtained by The Star shows it is expecting its budgets to fall short every year until 2021. Gabrielle Stuart looked at what five years of belt-tightening could look like for the community.
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Canterbury District Health Board's financial crisis only the beginning
Community services are worried about the effect five years of district health board shortfalls could have on them.
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Billion dollar underfunding of healthcare claims 'nonsense', says John Key
Prime Minister John Key has rubbished claims of healthcare underfunding, as junior doctors nationwide prepare to strike over being forced to work up to 12 days straight.
Resident Doctors have said "enough is enough" as four years of negotiations for better working hours break down
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Healthcare funding under the microscope as DHB elections loom
MidCentral District Health Board has jumped $1 million into the red in less than two months, prompting concern from those expected to govern it.
MidCentral reported a $2.3m deficit in 2015-16 and is already $1m down in 2016-17 in what hospital management has labelled an "endless winter
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Mental health

Pasifika need better access to mental health services
A New Zealand NGO specialising in Pasifika health issues says new approaches may be needed to address rising cases of mental illness.
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Patient safety

Doctors tell of falling asleep at wheel, making drug errors because of shifts
Junior doctors have recalled falling sleeping while driving and giving patients the wrong medication as they prepare for strike action planned over long work hours.
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Public health

Dramatic drop in rheumatic fever episodes in Northland
Northland DHB is seeing positive results from a campaign to get children treated for Strep Throat A. First-time episodes of rheumatic fever have dropped from 15 in 2014 to five cases in 2015 and in 2016 just one case was reported. It is likely that the focus on early identification and management of strep throat, much greater access for children at risk to free treatment via schools and pharmacies, and an extensive national and regional communications strategy have contributed to the recent decline.
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Heavy use of digital screens concerns optometrists on children's eye damage
Too much screen use is taking its toll on young people's eyes, with children as young as five having to get treatment, Canterbury optometrists say.
Many patients had dry eyes, eyestrain or headaches, they said.
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Online help for parents of preschoolers with ADHD symptons
A University of Auckland trial involving families of pre-school children with ADHD symptoms is the first in the world to demonstrate that children’s symptoms and parents’ stress can be improved with an online intervention.
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Social health

Peter Dunne: NZ needs Child Poverty Act to keep Govt accountable for poor kids
Simply measuring and targeting child poverty isn't enough, says Peter Dunne.
He wants an entire Act created, which the Government is accountable to every three years.
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Telehealth and e-health

Shared health information for over 800,000 people
Four out of five South Island district health boards (DHBs) are now securely sharing relevant, electronic, patient health information, which means better, safer and more coordinated care for over 800,000 people.
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International news

Robots--not people--may solve healthcare’s nursing shortage
Developing technologies may offer a possible solution to the nation's shortage of nurses.
Finnish think tank EVA estimates that robots could be employed to do as much as a fifth of nurses’ work. And some hospitals in other countries are already taking advantage of them.
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A third of Australia's nurses are thinking of leaving the profession
Nursing had become "too dangerous" for Catherine Taylor before she left the profession.
Ms Taylor resigned in April from her job as a nurse in an acute mental health care unit in south-west Sydney.
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How to Write an Incident Report
Incident reporting is the responsibility of all team members. This article will provide you with a clear overview of writing an effective incident report, what to include and how to describe the situation objectively.
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Suzanne Gordon: Why introductions matter
The other day, I was invited to give a seminar on interprofessional teamwork to a group of residents and attendees at a prestigious university medical center in Europe. The first thing people did when they trooped into the room was introduce themselves to me. Since there were about 25 people in the room, no one really expected me to remember their names. But each and every one of them went through the drill.
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Articles of interest

Glasgow Coma Scale: How to Improve and Enhance Documentation
The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is an international tool used to measure the level of consciousness for traumatically injured patients. One Level I and 3 Level II Trauma Centers in our Health Care System perceived a deficiency in the documentation of the GCS. An audit was performed and insufficient documentation was confirmed. An educational plan was developed and implemented to improve documentation. A reaudit was performed to determine the success of these interventions. Although improvement was demonstrated, additional action was taken to enhance documentation in the electronic medical record.
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Electronic Documentation and Nurse-Patient Interaction
This author explored the culture of nurse-patient interactions associated with electronic bedside documentation. Data were collected through passive participant observation, audiotaping of nurse-patient interactions, and interviews with nurses. Nurses acknowledged that they need to share their attention between the patient and the computer. They stated that prioritizing patients' needs while completing the required electronic documentation was demanding. Stationary computers challenged the logistics of the exchange. Understanding the adaptation of caregiving necessitated by bedside electronic documentation will have a positive impact on developing systems that interface seamlessly with nurses' workflow and encourage patients' active participation in their care.
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