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Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 321 19 October 2016


National news

New operating room training to improve teamwork
A realistic pilot training simulation for operating room staff designed to test and improve teamwork skills, has found many positive improvements result from the new communication training.
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Surgeons more resistant to improving teamwork - study
Surgeons in public hospitals are being encouraged to hone their teamwork and communication skills in a bid to improve patient safety.
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Initiative for pregnant women to be rolled out around region
An initiative for pregnant Waikato women, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, now has a role of more than 200 women.
Hapū Wananga was launched last year and mirrors that of a programme in Finland where mothers are provided education on a range of issues as well as starter packs of clothes, sheets, toys and a bed for their baby.
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New medical school to boost rural doctor numbers
Waikato University has announced plans to create New Zealand's third medical school, aimed at boosting the number of doctors in rural and provincial areas.
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Waikato medical school could end GP shortage
Keith Buswell​ is wondering who will pick up the stethoscope when he retires.
Buswell has been a GP at the Te Kuiti Medical Centre for 30 years and is among the 41 percent of GPs set to retire within a decade.
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University of Auckland brands proposed new Waikato medical school 'expensive folly'
The University of Auckland has hit out at what it calls a "potentially costly" proposal for a third medical school in New Zealand.
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Aged care

Retirement villages face ethnic challenges ahead
A growing number of retirees from China and other cultures is likely to change the shape of our retirement villages, experts say.
The industry is preparing for a wave of elderly Chinese as New Zealand's Asian population is projected to rise to almost one million by 2025.
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Health board to prioritise surgeries that will stop preventable hospital stays
Surgeries that keep old people active and independent should be prioritised across the top of the south, the region's health boss says.
The draft Primary and Community Health Strategy was revealed at a public meeting last week, which said surgeries such as cataract surgery should be more accessible for elderly people.
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Health funding and research

Research from the Healthier Lives Challenge – 2016 Kōrero Tahi
Early stage research projects, such as using New Zealand’s huge resource of health data to find out the impact of Canterbury earthquake damage on hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease, will be presented at a National Science Challenge symposium this week.
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Mental health

The highest rate of teen suicide in the developed world
New Zealand has the highest rate of teen suicide in the developed world, an OECD report reiterates.
Despite the alarming information the report revealed nothing new.
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Longer GP consultations offered for anxious Cantabrians
Demand for child and youth mental health services is continuing to increase throughout Canterbury, with some services forced to close their books.
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National group aims to address inequalities in mental health for Maori
For both Tui Taurua and Delft Klootwyk,​ being connected to their Maori culture was a crucial part of learning to live with mental illness. 
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Police 111 calls from the mentally distressed up by 46 per cent — meaning a call every 12 minutes
The number of 111 calls that police code as related to either "mental health" or "attempted suicide" has soared by nearly 50 per cent in four years, according to the People's Mental Health Review.
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NZ suicide toll: More discussion needed to bring down 'unacceptably high' rate, Chief Coroner says
Men aged between 25 and 29, and women aged between 40 and 44, are the most at-risk when it comes to suicide, new figures show.
The female suicide rate is the highest on record, with 170 women dying by suicide during the past year.
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Spike in child hospitalisations over poor dental hygiene renews calls for sugar tax
As the number of children hospitalised for tooth decay reaches new peaks, the Greens are renewing calls for the purveyors of sugary drinks to be treated like tobacco companies. 
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Researchers urge rethink over anti-obesity efforts
Initiatives to combat obesity could inadvertently be causing more harm to those who they're trying to help, researchers say.
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Retailers Pledge to Help Reduce Childhood Obesity
Retail NZ today announced that four of New Zealand’s largest supermarket retailers have joined forces to pledge their support and take action under the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan.
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Medicinal cannabis costs set to tumble after cheaper product gets green light
The cost of medicinal cannabis is set to tumble after Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne approved a Canadian pain relief product.
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Considerations for drafting marijuana legislation
October 2016 Vol. 11 No. 10
An analysis of marijuana legislation published in PLoS Medicine, which provides a framework for states considering legalization, recommends shaping laws to minimize consumption and protect the public. Read more and access the article

Conflicting agendas: Compassionate-access schemes for drugs
Giving patients in urgent need compassionate access to unregistered drugs sounds good, but it’s fraught with difficulties.
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Primary health care

More families benefiting from free GP visits
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says more families are getting the care they need for their children as a result of free GP visits for under 13s.
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Social health

Child poverty and bad parenting a 'middle class New Zealand myth' - researchers
Next time you think there's a link between child poverty and parenting, think again.
There is no evidence for a link, experts say, but it's not uncommon to hear people discuss society's ills in a parenting context.
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Children in poverty missing out on basic eye care
New research shows Kiwi children living in poverty are missing out on basic eye care, an Auckland optometrist says.
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Tobacco, drugs and alcohol

Rehab struggles with influx of P addicts
Methamphetamine addicts are flooding New Zealand's rehab services, with some reporting an 80 per cent surge in demand for services in the last six months.
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Stopping the supply of cigarettes to children
Hāpai Te Hauora are the new National Tobacco Control Advocacy service, the single advocacy service funded by the Ministry of Health. The organisation held its first National Tobacco Advisory Group meeting to discuss national coordination and communication in a new tobacco control environment since the tobacco control realignment. The Advisory Group consists of medical doctors, researchers, lawyers, project evaluators, and Pacific and Māori health leaders.
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PM John Key announces $15m of initiatives for war on P and other drugs
Prime Minister John Key has announced a $15-million funding boost for anti-drug initiatives, saying P has become the "drug of choice" for hardened users.
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International news

Use predictive analytics to manage nursing workforce
As the healthcare industry’s nursing shortage continues, predictive analytics can help health facilities maximize the efficiency of the workforce they have, according to a new report.
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Over 2,000 students to be trained as nursing associates over two years, says HEE
Health Education England (HEE) will be offering more than 2,000 training places for nursing associates over the next two years.
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Survey: Many Nurses Still Use Manual-Based Staffing, Scheduling Tools
Despite facing challenges related to staffing and scheduling in nursing units, 80 percent of nurse managers are not aware of technology-enabled solutions designed to help with managing and solving scheduling and staffing problems, according to a recent survey conducted by AMN Healthcare.
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Small teams supporting 2,500 patients will allow for half hour GP appointments, says CCG chair
Some practices in the Morecambe Bay area will be implementing “core teams” of healthcare workers to look after small patient populations to free up GP time, the clinical chair of Cumbria Clincial Commissioning Group (CCG) has said.
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Nurses union highlights health concerns as it joins anti-pokies offensive
TASMANIA’S nurses have added their voices to a growing chorus of concern about poker machines harming communities in the state.
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Building Self-Confidence
Preparing Yourself for Success!
From the quietly confident doctor whose advice we rely on, to the charismatic confidence of an inspiring speaker, self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires.
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Articles of interest

The mindful nurse leader: Advancing executive nurse leadership skills through participation in action learning
Nursing Management: October 2016 - Volume 47 - Issue 10 - p 40–45
In this second installment of a three-part series on mindfulness, we describe the process of producing video vignettes to illustrate how clinical nurses draw on the power of mindfulness to build their own resiliency while delivering compassionate care.
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Original research at a small rural hospital—you can do it!
October 2016 Vol. 11 No. 10
Nurses want to provide evidence-based care that reflects best practices. But they also have uniquely local clinical questions that can’t be readily answered through the literature alone. How can these types of questions be addressed so the answers are relevant and useful? Consider original research.
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Reports online

Developing a national approach to the measurement and reporting of pressure injuries
This report from the Health Quality & Safety Commission outlines a potential national approach to the measurement and reporting of pressure injuries.
It summarises the work undertaken so far and gives an indicative programme of work over the next one to two years, including methodology development and implementation across district health boards (DHBs) and other health care settings.
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Resources online

Personal safety when working alone: guidance for members working in health and social care
This short guide has been developed for members who work alone. It also contains a checklist for RCN safety representatives who work on negotiating improvements to workplace safety for members and nurse managers who manage lone working staff. For those wanting more in-depth information on lone working, there is a list of sources of further information in the back of the guide
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Keeping safe when working alone
This pocket guide will help prepare you for lone working. It provides a checklist to run through before a home visit, along with what to look out for whilst on a visit and what to report afterwards. Remember, The NMC Code states that you should take account of your own personal safety as well as those you care for
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New publications

Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare, 4th Edition
Immy HollowayKathleen Galvin
ISBN: 978-1-118-87449-3
376 pages
October 2016, Wiley-Blackwell
Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare is an invaluable resource for those who carry out qualitative research in the healthcare arena.
Fully updated from the earlier editions by Holloway and Wheeler, it reflects recent developments in nursing research. This new edition provides clear explanations of abstract ideas in qualitative research as well as practical procedures. Structured into four sections, the book looks at the initial stages, methods of data collection, qualitative approaches and analysis of collected data. It also contains a chapter on writing up and publishing qualitative research.

With applied and practical examples throughout, Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare is essential reading for those who are looking for a comprehensive introduction to qualitative research.  
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