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Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 328 14 December 2016


Cancer nurse coordinators improving care
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says cancer nurse coordinators are helping to improve the diagnosis and treatment process for over 1,000 patients a month.
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Cancer nurse coordinators get thumbs up from independent review
An independent review has given the thumbs-up to a new nursing role established to support patients just diagnosed with cancer.
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Dr Jean Watson - Nursing the way it should be
Jean Watson originally trained as a nurse in the 1960's but quickly became disillusioned with what she found. She has since spent her life trying to change the nursing profession into what she calls 'the Florence Nightingale' way of nursing - an approach that treats the whole person, rather than just the illness.
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New asthma guidelines to relieve Kiwi sufferers
It is estimated that nearly half a million New Zealanders take medication for asthma, including approximately 1 in every 9 adults.
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Dr Richard Egan - Caring for our elderly
Dr Richard Egan, fresh from the NZ Gerontology Nursing Conference, joins Wallace  Chapman to talk about how we care for our elderly and what we should be doing differently.
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Stereotypes, often perpetuated by media headlines and unconscious prejudices, can all affect how nurses relate to patients. In KATRINA FYERS and SALLIE GREENWOOD’s third and final article they look at how nurses can think in reflexive ways to be more culturally safe practitioners.
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Southern DHB celebrates Māori immunisation rates
A collaborative approach across the whole health sector has proved successful in closing the gap in immunisation rates between Māori and the total population in the Southern district, and the high overall levels of protection against preventable illness.
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Justice Minister Amy Adams rejects calls for abortion reform
Justice Minister Amy Adams is ruling out abortion reform, as thousands sign a petition calling for an overhaul of New Zealand's legislation.
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The first national programme aimed at reducing and preventing restraint of mental health clients by boosting nurses' therapeutic communication skills was launched recently.
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The impact of poor mental health - an economic issue
The National Mental Health Commission has put the impact of poor mental health on the economic agenda, as its cost to the nation soars to more than $60 billion a year.
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NZAC announces its support for mental health review
The People’s Mental Health Review Campaign just received an endorsement from one of the country’s leading counsellor representative bodies.
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Dentists demand sugar tax, teaspoon labelling on bottles
Dentists want soft-drink bottles emblazoned with a new picture to tell consumers at a glance exactly how many teaspoons of sugar the drink contains
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Cultural cause of low Maori organ donation perception
Kidney, heart, lungs, pancreas and skin - if you've got it, you can donate it.
But as a country, New Zealand is lousy at organ and tissue donation.
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Family violence - not 'just another domestic' for police
Family violence investigations spiked by almost 2000 incidents over last year's Christmas and New Year period compared with the months leading up to the holidays.
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Third generation of Kiwi children face life of poverty
The Children's Commissioner has warned action needs to be taken, or New Zealand risks relegating a third generation of children to a life of poverty.
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Guidelines for communities affected by adverse events
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman welcomes new guidelines aimed at offering psychosocial support for communities affected by adverse events.
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Patients can now ask nurse practitioners for help in assisted deaths
Nurse practitioners in Alberta can now accommodate assisted dying requests for their patients.
The new guidelines were put together in collaboration with Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, and the Alberta College of Pharmacists.
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Wales to retain nursing bursary
Wales is taking “positive action” to attract more student nurses by keeping the bursary in the next academic year.
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Nursing apprentices: What we know so far
The Department of Health (DH) has released a policy paper, detailing new information about upcoming nursing apprenticeships.
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Nursing associates should be regulated by NMC, says Hunt
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has been asked by the Government to regulate the new nursing associate role.
The NMC are expected to be tasked with regulating the associates in the same way that they currently do for register nurses.
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CNO: Fears that nursing associate role will be 'nursing on the cheap’ are unfounded
England's chief nursing officer (CNO) has publically disputed the claims that the new nursing associate role is a way of hiring cheaper nurses.
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Nursing Etiquette Was Once Part of a Nurse’s Curriculum – Is it Relevant Today?
Etiquette – the polite rules of a society or a professional group.
Believe it not, nursing etiquette was a subject covered in my nursing curriculum in the early 70s.
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Nursing Leadership and Workplace Culture
Nurse leaders are at the forefront of creating positive workplace cultures where nurses can thrive. There are many explanations for why nurses resign from positions, change employers or leave the profession altogether; nurturing favourable workplace environments is a powerful way to support nurses in experiencing optimal career satisfaction and productivity.
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RN workforce update: Current and long-range forecast
Nearly 20 years ago, talk of a national RN shortage began, with projections of it reaching near-crisis proportions by 2016. Such a shortage never emerged, and at this point seems unlikely to occur in the future. What's unfolded in the American RN workforce during the past decade in terms of new entrants to the profession and changing demographics? What are the reasons for these shifts? Also, are the new predictions regarding RN supply and demand accurate? And what does this mean for nurse managers? Let's explore the issues.
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