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 Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 332 25 January 2017


Masterton nurse celebrates 50 years of making a difference around the world
In half a century of nursing, Eileen Fahy-Teahan has changed lives from here to Papua New Guinea and further afield to Great Britain.
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Whakatāne to get trainee doctors
The first fifth year medical students in a new Regional-Rural Programme will soon be working at Whakatāne Hospital and in local GP rooms.
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Ageism Concerns In an Ageing Population
Reflect for a moment on how you perceive older people and ageing. Are your thoughts mostly positive or are they negative? Why do you think of older adults and the ageing process the way that you do?
Does this affect the way that you can provide nursing care to older people?
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Warning of back-to-school spike in asthma
A spike in asthma hospitalisations when children return to school has prompted a warning for parents, caregivers and schools to be prepared.
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Hospital bosses consider debt collectors for missing medical equipment
More than $13,125 of medical supplies went missing last year, prompting the Bay of Plenty District Health Board to consider bringing in debt collectors.
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Waikato Hospital's staffing of operating theatres not at full capacity, resulting in fewer surgeries
Waikato Hospital does not have enough doctors and nurses to run its operating theatres at full capacity, resulting in between six and nine elective surgeries being put off each week.
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Should Nurses be Considered ‘Good Samaritans’?
It is safe to assume most healthcare professionals will encounter a situation outside of work in which the provision of medical assistance is necessary.
The decision to help is not a legal requirement, yet the sense of responsibility to provide skill and expertise is almost second nature.
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Almost one in five fatal heart attacks 'caused by mental health condition'
Depression is just as dangerous for your heart as obesity and high blood pressure, new research has revealed.
New data from a 10-year study show depression causes 15 per cent of cardiac arrests.
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Suicide rate among young Kiwi men double that of Australia's, study finds
Twice as many young Kiwi men are killing themselves than their Australian counterparts, a study published this month shows.
University of Sydney psychiatry professor John Snowdon's analysis of the two countries' government suicide statistics over the last 65 years found persistently high rates of suicide among young New Zealanders.
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Mental health support vital for very young, warns expert
When Sarah Maindonald began working as a counsellor 24 years ago, she saw teenagers struggling with mental health issues, but barely ever a child.
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Sugar content too high in nearly half the drinks Kiwis kids can buy, study finds
The sugar content of drinks kids commonly consume in this country has surprised and concerned researchers, who say more effort is needed to save them from obesity.
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Deceased organ donations on the rise, show Organ Donation New Zealand figures
The number of deceased organ donations and transplants has risen sharply in the past four years.
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Dementia becoming the world's most significant health challenge
As the population ages, the number of people who have Alzheimer's disease grows. New Plymouth man Eddie Betts shares the story of his wife Alli with Helen Harvey.
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Free stop smoking service for Wellington and Wairarapa
A free Stop smoking service set up to help Wellington, Hutt Valley, Kapiti, Porirua and Wairarapa Communities whanau to quit smoking is up and running.
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Many Ontario hospitals extending visiting hours to 24/7
Advocates say unlimited visiting hours improves outcomes for patients, but some staff have concerns
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Nurses Face More Violence From Hospital Patients
RNs seek nationwide OSHA standards to protect health care workers.
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Nursing shortage forces LI hospitals to offer in-house training
Experienced registered nurses with specialized skills are in such short supply on Long Island that hospitals have developed programs to help fill the void.
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NHS Hospital wards left with 'dangerously low levels of nurses'
Nurses describe ‘desperately unsafe’ numbers of registered nurses, while others says patients are being put at risk 
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A systematic review of experiences of advanced practice nursing in general practice
BMC NursingBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted 201716:6
Despite efforts to achieve conceptual clarity, advanced practice nursing continues to reside in a liminal space, unable to secure ongoing recognition as a viable means of healthcare delivery. This is particularly evident in general practice where advanced practice role development is more fluid and generally less supported by the hierarchical structures evident in the hospital system. This review synthesises published qualitative studies reporting experiences of advanced practice nursing in general practice. The panoramic view provided by patients, nurses and doctors within this novel context, offers a fresh perspective on why advanced practice nurses have struggled to gain acceptance within the healthcare milieu.
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“My research article was accepted for publication!”
January 2017 Vol. 12 No. 1
Beth, a former hospital nursing director-turned-faculty member, learns she has to present her research at a national
conference and write it up for publication and funding. Like many nursing faculty members and researchers, she enjoys conducting research because the evidence it yields allows her to help more patients.
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Too busy to lead? Current challenges for German nurse leaders
Journal of Nursing Management
Nurse leaders shape health systems and health services around the world. They facilitate change, foster development and nurture staff in the interest of good patient care. While some challenges may be similar around the globe, others will be specific to certain regions. Cultural values and political traditions may also influence how nurses lead. So what is the state of nurse leadership in Germany, one of the world's largest economies, and are there any lessons to learn from the German example?
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Summary of Submissions: Review of Drug Utensils Regulation: A discussion document
The goal of New Zealand’s National Drug Policy 2015 to 2020 is to minimise alcohol and other drug-related harm and promote and protect health and wellbeing. The Policy includes a commitment to release a discussion document seeking feedback on the appropriate regulation of drug utensils.
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