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No. 352 14 June 2017


Ara Institute of Canterbury to offer nursing training in Timaru
Timaru's polytechnic has announced it will create a "health training hub" in South Canterbury, as Otago Polytechnic withdraws from providing nursing courses in the region.
Ara Institute of Canterbury will offer the Bachelor of Nursing in Timaru in 2018.
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Making safer havens for our older people
Nursing homes should be safe places for our older people, but unfortunately, the number of cases of abuse and neglect in nursing homes and residential care facilities continues to grow.
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Women over 70 one stepcloser to free mammograms
The Health Select Committee’s recommendation that the Government investigate extending New Zealand’s free national breast screening programme to women aged between 70 and 74 brings access to life-saving mammograms one step closer for our older women, says Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, whose petition for change attracted 10,000 signatures last year.
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NZ to start new bowel screening programme
New Zealand’s National Bowel Screening Programme (NBSP) is being rolled out from July and, once operating nationwide, is expected to reduce the toll of disease and death from one of our most preventable and treatable cancers.
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Govt aims to reduce sudden infant death by 86% in 8 yrs
The Government plans to take steps to dramatically reduce Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has announced. 
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Fewer babies dying than ever before - perinatal and maternal mortality report
This is the safest time in history to have a baby as fewer babies than ever before are dying shortly before or after birth.
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Lakes DHB admits fault in sacking Māori support service
Lakes DHB says it could have done better following the sacking of Rotorua Hospital’s Māori support service.
Te Arawa iwi Ngāti Whakaue met yesterday to discuss how to deal with last Friday’s eviction of Hunga Manaaki.
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Waikato DHB teams up with Healthline to expand patient support
Healthline is supporting the Waikato DHB’s SmartHealth online doctor service to expand the support it offers patients.
When someone from the Waikato DHB catchment area calls the nurse-led Healthline service for health advice on an evening or weekend and the nurse deems it clinically appropriate, they will be offered the opportunity to talk to an online SmartHealth doctor.
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Health workers bribed with coffee to improve flu jab rate
The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) has resorted to bribery to try and boost influenza vaccination rates among staff – offering them the chance to win a coffee if they get a free flu jab.
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Innovative project ensures hospital patients get good sleep in Auckland's Waitemata
Two Auckland hospitals are set to offer a natural cure revered through the ages for its healing properties: a good night's sleep.
While the importance of sleep was well known, ensuring patients slept well at night had never been a focus for hospitals, said David Price, patient experience director for Waitemata District Health Board.
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High-level design for disability support system finalised
The co-design group charged with creating a new disability support system has reviewed and finalised a high-level design.
During the latest in a series of workshops, the group spent more time working on funding allocations, the delivery team’s roles and descriptions, and simplifying the design.
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Future of healthcare training unveiled at Waitemata DHB
A new generation of medical clinicians is being trained at North Shore Hospital as the Waitemata DHB teams up with tertiary partners to provide on-site learning and research facilities that will ultimately improve patient outcomes.
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Voluntary euthanasia: how will your MP vote?
Will you vote for David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill to go to a select committee?

Yes - 24
Probably Yes - 9
No - 18
Probably No - 10
Undecided - 39
Won't Say - 2
No Response - 17

More MPs have said they will or are likely to vote for voluntary euthanasia legislation to get over its first hurdle than those who have stated their opposition.
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UARatio blood test ruling out unstable angina could save New Zealand hospitals up to $70 million per year
A New Zealand-developed blood test to identify why some people are suffering chest pains could save $70 million a year and help patients avoid drawn-out hospital stays.
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Asian Mental Health Service launches new book
A new activity booklet for mental health clients and their children was launched this afternoon by the Asian Mental Health Service in the Waitemata DHB’s newly opened Whenua Pupuke-Waitemata Clinical Skills Centre.
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Mental health patient assault forces staffer to take 70 days' sick leave
A staff member was forced to take 70 days' sick leave after being assaulted while caring for a mental health client in the lower North Island.
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Increasing demand in mental health calls for new programme
A new programme hopes to meet the needs of increasing demands in mental health.An opportunity for staff in the sector to upskill with a mental health and addiction support qualification aims to give a boost to the Southern region's mental health sector.
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Govt under fire over mental health spending
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has been forced to defend the standard of mental health services, as Labour, the Greens and the senior doctors' union question funding levels.
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Mental health presentations at Christchurch Hospital emergency department up 72% since quakes
Rochelle Carey tried to take her life twice in the same night in 2015. She ended up in Christchurch Hospital's emergency department (ED) both times. 
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What does a healthy child look like in New Zealand? The Govt unveils its obesity gauge
The Government will start measuring children's screen-time and physical activity, as well as their sugary drink, fast food and fruit and vegetable intake, as it tries to trim the waistlines of Kiwi kids. 
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Kids' fizzy, fast food intake measured for Government's obesity plan
The Government is planning to gather annual data on how many kids guzzle fizzy drinks, eat fast food, ride or walk to school - even how much screen time they're getting
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Pregnancy care, hospital admissions covered by new health targets
New headline health targets have been set by the Government - covering pregnancy care and hospital admissions.Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman released the new "better public service" targets today:
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Research finds flu is a major killer in New Zealand
New research from the University of Otago, Wellington, shows that influenza kills about 500 New Zealanders each year, and the risk of premature death is much higher for MÄ?ori, Pasifika, men and those living in relative poverty.
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Mental health of rural NZ at tipping point
The health of New Zealand’s rural communities is at an all-time low, a leading mobile health expert says.
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Axed nurse role just another blow for Tararua community
Tararua's mayor says rural health services in the district are being dealt another blow, as the MidCentral District Health Board makes cuts.
MidCentral has pulled the contract for its cancer community nurse role in the Tararua District.
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New app aimed at rheumatic fever awareness for Samoans
There are hopes that a Samoan version of a digital app will build greater awareness among children and their families about rheumatic fever.
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Caring for an ageing society: How to ensure Singapore has enough nurses
In the first of a two-part series on the future of nursing in Singapore, experts discuss how to ensure the country has enough nurses to deal with an ageing population.
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Nursing on the front line: Rewards and challenges
Against a backdrop of a global shortage of healthcare workers, Singapore will need to compete for nurses to support an ageing population. In the second of this two-part series, current and former nurses share their good and bad experiences that come with the job.
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Development and evaluation of a modified brief assertiveness training for nurses in the workplace: a single-group feasibility study
BMC NursingBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted201716:29
Effective communication has a great impact on nurses’ job satisfaction, team relationships, as well as patient care/safety. Previous studies have highlighted the various beneficial effects of enhancing communication through assertiveness training programs for nurses. However, most programs take a long time to implement; thus, briefer programs are urgently required for universal on-the-job-training in the workplace. The purpose of this feasibility study was to develop and evaluate a modified brief assertiveness training program (with cognitive techniques) for nurses in the workplace.
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