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Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 362 23 August 2017


Nelson hospice nurses heaven sent
Every week, community nurse Brenda Watson drives around Nelson to visit those in need of hospice care.
She is one of six community nurses at the Nelson Tasman Hospice who between them cover Nelson, Stoke and Richmond.
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Nurses' efforts recognised
Eighteen Hawke's Bay District Health Board graduate nurses celebrated completing their Nursing Entry to Practice programme (NEtP) yesterday.
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Countdown gift baskets for busy hospital staff
Weary staff at Hawke's Bay Hospital received an energy boost yesterday with the delivery of fruit baskets by Hawke's Bay Countdown in recognition of the recent pressure on doctors and nurses.
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16 nurses vying for Nursing Council
Voting closes at the end of the month in the Nursing Council elections with 16 candidates from NPs to mental health nurses standing for the three available positions.
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Southern Patients encouraged to ‘Sit Up, Get Dressed, and Keep Moving’
The ‘Sit Up, Get Dressed, and Keep Moving’ initiative to get patients out of their pyjamas and up and out of bed kicks offtomorrow at Southern DHB.
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Association calls on Government for national approach to avert looming crisis in orthopaedic surgery
The New Zealand Orthopaedic Association is calling for a national taskforce on future orthopaedic surgery, to avert a looming crisis.
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TransforMED hospital care puts patients' health interests first
A new initiative at North Shore Hospital is designed to get older patients home and better quicker than ever before.
The newly-launched TransforMED project is sweeping its way through the hospital’s Admission and Diagnostic Unit (ADU) as well as its general medicine wards.
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Canterbury health boss keeps mum on potential health cuts
Canterbury's health boss is refusing to answer questions about what services are at risk of "unprecedented" funding cuts.Stuff revealed this week that former Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) acting chairman Mark Solomon warned the Ministry of Health in July that "significant service cuts of unprecedented scale" would be needed if the ministry did not approve the board's planned deficit for this financial year.
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Cantabrians could face health service cuts 'of unprecedented scale'
The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) has warned "significant service cuts of unprecedented scale" will be needed if the Government does not approve its planned deficit.
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Overloaded Christchurch Hospital treating patients in ED corridors due to surge in numbers
Christchurch Hospital's emergency department is having to treat up to a dozen patients at a time in corridors, due to an unprecedented number of admissions.
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Insulin product retested after diabetic users raise concerns about its performance
A popular insulin product has been retested by its manufacturer after long-term diabetics complained of unexpected problems managing their blood-sugar levels.
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“Breaking the silence”
Over 200 deaf and severely hearing-impaired adults are unable to receive hearing restoring implanted hearing aids due to lack of government funding.
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Youth mental health resource launched in hope of empowering parents, teachers
A new nationwide campaign aims to end the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health issues among young people. 
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Far North principals identify 1089 pupils needing urgent psychological help
110 Te Tai Tokerau Principals this week identified 1089 pupils in their schools who need clinical psychological help to recover from often horrific childhood experiences – and there’s little available!
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How many NZ kids miss out on going to the doctor due to cost?
Most of the youngest New Zealand children get to the doctor when they are sick, but that changes as they get older.The number of children who couldn't get to their GP because of cost is low for children aged between 0-4 years old, then rises in the age groups 5-9 years, and 10-14. The chart was based on a survey from July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. During that time, healthcare was free for children under 6. The Government introduced its 'Zero Fees for Under-13s' on July 1, 2015.  
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National pledges $18 doctors visits for an extra 600,000 New Zealanders
National have pledged 600,000 low-income New Zealanders will have access to $18 GP visits. National will also expand the community services card to an additional 350,000 people, with low incomes and high housing costs.
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Free flu jabs extended to end of the year
Kiwis are being told it's not too late to get immunised against flu, and that influenza vaccine is now free for those eligible until the end of the year.
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Some pregnant women receive no information about immunising children - report
A new report has found some pregnant women are given no information about immunising their children, thus delaying vaccines - or preventing them altogether - once a child is born. 
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Half of all teen mums in New Zealand come from poorest areas, Ministry of Health finds
Half of all teen mums in New Zealand come from our most deprived neighbourhoods, raising questions about access to health care and information.
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New programme could save on prison health care
Hospitals are joining courts in using video link-ups with prisoners.The move could help ease the expense of prison healthcare.
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Health info, on the go
Patients are receiving faster, and more-informed, care and advice following the rollout of iPads to 52 health professionals working in the community.
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Nursing crisis is leaving NHS hospitals unsafe as some of the country's biggest trusts do not have staff they need
Almost all the 50 largest trusts are missing their own safe staffing targets according to the Royal College of Nursing
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Nurses performing colonoscopies waste time, money and increase risks, chief doctors’ union claims
NURSES trained to perform colonoscopies are not accredited to perform a biopsy, exposing patients to the risk of requiring a second procedure, doctors say.
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Hundreds of nursing positions impacted as health care overhaul continues
More than half of the nurses at Grace and Victoria Hospital will experience job impacts as part of the health care overhaul.
The changes will see 500 nurse positions deleted at the two hospitals as services are consolidated.Deletion notices will also go out to 12 nurses at Misericordia Health Centre.
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Survey: Most nurse practitioners help decode medical info for their patients
KENILWORTH, N.J. — Nurse practitioners play a crucial role in helping patients decode medical information, according to the findings of a recent Merck Manuals survey. The survey of 210 NPs, conducted at a recent medical conference, revealed that most (88%) believe they spend at least half of appointment times educating patients on diagnoses, treatments and prescriptions.
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Opinion: ‘Intentional rounding’ – the best intentions or is nursing being dumbed-down?
Australian nursing professor Philip Darbyshire hears that New Zealand is 'dabbling' with the 'horror' of 'Intentional Rounding'. Read his blog from across the Tasman on the topic.
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Tensions in learning professional identities – nursing students’ narratives and participation in practical skills during their clinical practice: an ethnographic study
Mona Ewertsson, Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, Renée Allvin and Karin Blomberg  BMC NursingBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted 201716:48
Clinical practice is a pivotal part of nursing education. It provides students with the opportunity to put the knowledge and skills they have acquired from lectures into practice with real patients, under the guidance of registered nurses. Clinical experience is also essential for shaping the nursing students’ identity as future professional nurses. There is a lack of knowledge and understanding of the ways in which students learn practical skills and apply knowledge within and across different contexts, i.e. how they apply clinical skills, learnt in the laboratory in university settings, in the clinical setting. The aim of this study was therefore to explore how nursing students describe, and use, their prior experiences related to practical skills during their clinical practice.
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Perceptions of the critical cultural competence of registered nurses in Canada
Adel F. Almutairi, Abdallah A. Adlan and Maliha Nasim
BMC NursingBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted201716:47
Cultural diversity often leads to misunderstandings, clashes, conflicts, ethnocentrism, discrimination, and stereotyping due to the frequent intersection of many variables, such as differences in traditions, behaviours, ethical and moral perspectives, conceptions of health and illness, and language barriers. The root of the issue is related to the way people conceptualise differences and the unique cultural and historical circumstances that have shaped different groups’ heritages. In this study, therefore, we aimed to investigate the perceptions of critical cultural competence (CCC) of registered nurses working in various hospitals across the province of British Columbia, Canada.
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A cross-sectional study investigating patient-centred care, co-creation of care, well-being and job satisfaction among nurses  den Boer J., Nieboer A.P. & Cramm J.M. (2017) Journal of Nursing Management 
Developments in the community health nursing sector have resulted in many changes in the activities of these nurses. The concepts of patient-centred care and co-creation of care are gaining importance in the work of community health nurses. Whether patient-centred care also contributes positively to nurses' well-being and job satisfaction is not known.
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