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Time to care accolades

Tauranga hospital ward 3A received congratulations from health minister Tony Ryall 

The NHB and Southern DHB are to conduct a joint systems assessment of Dunedin Hospital
The National Health Board and Southern District Health Board are to undertake a joint assessment of systems at Dunedin Hospital, beginning this month.

Bupa Appoints a Nurse Practitioner Intern
Bupa Care Services has appointed Claire Mooney as Nurse Practitioner Intern. Mooney will work in both a national and Auckland specific role. Nationally she will contribute to Clinical Governance assisting with policy development and the professional development of Bupa’s 300+ qualified nurses. She will lead care and clinical practice initiatives that will improve outcomes for residents 

Waikato nurses graduate with masters degrees

Thirteen Waikato District Health Board nurses were today congratulated by chair Graeme Milne and chief executive Craig Climo for graduating with their masters degrees in nursing. 

Nurses must address health inequities

Closing the gap: increasing access and equity in health is the theme for International Nurses Day tomorrow 12 May – Florence Nightingale’s birthday. 

New Zealand Nurses Organisation - Speech notes
Kia ora koutou katoaThank you for inviting me here to celebrate International Nurses Day, which is tomorrow May 12, and which also happens to be Florence Nightingale’s birthday.   It is a pleasure to take time to recognise the great contribution that nurses make to the health of New Zealanders.  I’d like to extend greetings to Nano Tunnicliffe, Kerri Nuku,  and Siloma Masina. 

Complaints and praise for minister

Suggestions, criticisms and even some compliments came Health Minister Tony Ryall's way at a public meeting in Dunedin yesterday. 

Elderly services to change

"Care managers" would help the elderly to remain in the community under proposals to be put to a Southern District Health Board committee today. 

Funding changes limit sexual health programme

Proposed sexual health funding restrictions come just as an access programme is starting to show results, Dunedin Sexual Health Clinic clinical leader Dr Jill McIlraith says. 


Convening a night court to determine whether a health board's decision not to do life-prolonging surgery on a terminally ill boy would amount to culpable homicide was important for transparency, a medico-legal expert says. 

ERA Rules in Favour of DHBs’ on Life Preserving Services
20 District Health Boards yesterday (23 May 2011) welcomed a decision by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) supporting the DHBs’ interpretation of the legislation when it comes to concluding agreements for the provision of Life Preserving Services (LPS) during strike action. 

Plunket welcomes shaken baby DVD
May 25, 2011 - A graphic DVD showing the affects of Shaken Baby Syndrome, which will be shown to every mother who gives birth in Auckland from July, has been welcomed by Plunket. 


When Darryl Parrish heard what happened to Shirley Curtis in North Shore Hospital, he thought "it's happened again". Then he got angry. "Another life has been lost - that's just wrong." 


Filipino rest-home workers say they feel "used" after working 18-hour days following the February earthquake, only to be discarded once New Zealand is "done" with them. 

New Zealand Nurses Overseeing New Rehabilitation Program
The Waikato District Health Board’s START (i. e. Supported Transfer and Accelerated Rehabilitation Teams) has already been rolled out in Hamilton, Thames and Tokoroa and major population of New Zealand registered nurses are now overseeing the new rehabilitation program, which has been primarily designed with an aim of keeping the older patients in their rural or urban homes. says pregnant teens can decide on abortionsTeenage girls are encouraged to involve their parents when deciding whether to terminate a pregnancy, a Rotorua doctor says. 

New look for drug charts is real tonic for Hawke's Bay

New standardised medication charts being rolled out in all District Health Boards nationwide will reduce the number of adverse events caused by misread drug charts, says Hawke's Bay District Health Board pharmacy manager Billy Allan. 

New Zealand’s first telehealth pilot improves patients’ quality of life
Telehealth monitoring for people with chronic conditions shows the technology can improve patients’ quality of life and may have a positive impact on life expectancy. 

Dead-end dementia corridors

Ann Marie Bailey on how better designs can turn dementia facilities into less stressful, more pleasant homes for dementia residents. 

Hospitals piloting TrendCare system

Getting the right number of nursing staff to cover patients with varying needs is being made easier in some Dunedin and Invercargill hospital wards. 

When mum feels all alone
In an increasingly transient society, friends and support agencies often take on the role of extended family when it comes to raising a baby. Julia Proverbs looks at how modern day parenting is a whole new ball game 

Electronic medicine checker could prevent deaths

An electronic system is being trialled with the potential to prevent unnecessary deaths in our hospitals. 

Health staff at 'serious risk'

A whistleblower claims staff and patients at one of New Zealand's busiest mental health units are at "serious risk of harm". 

Anthony O'Brien: Compulsory care goes only so far in preventing suicide

Anthony O'Brien, senior lecturer at the school of nursing, faculty of medical and health sciences, University of Auckland, explains the difficulties of treatment without consent. 

Coroner questions suicide proof

A Christchurch man who police suspect took his own life may not have killed himself, a coroner has found. 

Changes needed after needless deaths - coroner

Law changes are needed following the "unnecessary" deaths of three young people who took their own lives shortly after being released from care, Rotorua Coroner Dr Wallace Bain says. 

Hospital EDs dramatically improving performance

Excessive delays for patients in emergency departments are being consigned to history at the Waitemata District Health Board, chairman Lester Levy says. 

Drug death: Nurse stood down

A North Shore Hospital nurse with an "unblemished record" has been stood down after a 60-year-old grandmother died when she was given 10 times too much heart medication. 


A new parenting programme targeted at Maori tells them they are inherently loving and nurturing caregivers and family violence has arisen only because of European missionaries. 


A mother is angry her 15-year-old daughter wasn't counselled through the pros and cons of having an abortion until she was on the hospital bed and presented with the termination-inducing pill. 


A third of health professionals accidentally stuck by a needle at work don't report the incident. 


Chronic lung disease sufferer Bill Hall would often visit his doctor two or three times a week when his illness became too debilitating 

Online doctors to become 'increasingly important'

Telephone and internet consultations are being backed to become an increasingly important method of receiving healthcare advice within the next 10 years 

Resthome staff accused of poor care after deaths

Resthome health and safety procedures are under the spotlight during a deadly outbreak of the norovirus in Northland. 

Health sector needs $564m just to stand still, says CTU

The health sector will need almost three quarters of the $800 million to be reallocated in this week's budget just to maintain service levels, according to a pre-budget analysis by the Council of Trade Unions (CTU).

Health given extra $585m

Health spending is to rise by $585 million, by far the biggest sector increase in the Budget, but critics say it is barely enough to keep up with inflation and population growth.

New hospital unit ready for patients
Patients will soon fill the beds of a new intensive care, coronary care and medical day stay unit at Tauranga Hospital following the official opening of "Building 50" yesterday. 


Pressure is mounting on the Government to plug a loophole in the protection of elderly retirement village residents that has been exposed by the Christchurch earthquake.

Changes to way Wanganui Hospital doctors prescribe medicine
The way in which doctors prescribe medication at Wanganui Hospital has undergone a significant change. 

Kawerau Rheumatic Fever Prevention Campaign Officially Launched

Another important step towards reducing rheumatic fever among Bay of Plenty children was taken on Friday with the launch of school-based throat swabbing in Kawerau. 

Rheumatic fever toll 'neglected because it's Maori'

Rheumatic fever is New Zealand's most striking example of inequality in the health system, Northland District Health Board medical officer of health Jonathan Jarman says. If the disease were not confined to Maori and Pacific Islanders, more would be done to combat it. 

Northland health authorities are battling to contain a widespread outbreak of the highly infectious norovirus, which has claimed the lives of two rest home residents. 

Partnerships with primary care and Thames ED lead target performances

Partnerships between immunisation providers and Waikato District Health Board helped the DHB exceed its 90 per cent immunisation health target for the first time since the targets’ introduction two years ago.   

From international media sources

Opting for the most sought after profession in the globe" (Sri lanka)FAQs of Professional Career Pathways; Nursing Profession
The ever changing world has created a demand for many professions, and one of the most sought after professions today is undoubtedly NURSING. This is strongly evident as the lists show a total of 1,000,000 job opportunities in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other parts of Europe. Therefore, when one looks for opportunities for migration, especially to the countries mentioned, NURSING is one of the best options, due to the tremendous demand. Therefore it is important to look at this large number of opportunity available in a NURSING career and FAQs, (Frequently Asked Questions) of this profession are as follows: 

Nurses may overestimate their manual handling skills

Nurses often overestimate their manual handling skills, despite having previously received training in it, Australian researchers have warned. 

New Zealand Nurses fight Health Budget Cuts

The new budget released by the New Zealand Government may cause the gap between the lower and upper classes within the community to grow, according to the New Zealand Nurses Organization (NZNO). 

Kenya short of 66,000 health staff

Kenya is short of 66,000 health workers, according to chief nursing officer Chris Rakuom.“Our public and private hospitals and dispensaries are understaffed by up to 66,000 health workers and the government should try and employ more health workers because there are many of them out there who need jobs,” said Mr Rakuom. 

Cancer patients denied last wish to die at home because of shortage of nurses70,000 cancer patients in England and Wales die in a hospital bed every year, despite wanting to be at home 

Nurses to join triage team to speed up A&E assessment

Six advanced nurse practitioners, and four physicians’ assistants, have been employed by Leicester Royal infirmary as part of efforts to speed up patient assessment and treatment in its accident and emergency department. 

'The tensions around specialist nursing cannot be ignored'

This week sees three contrasting reports on the role of specialist nurses in the NHS. 

RCN attacks GP commissioners for appointing wives as nursing representatives
A senior nursing leader has accused some GPs involved in setting up commissioning groups of “nepotism”, claiming they have appointed their practice nurse wives to decision-making posts. 

Nurses will need new 'skillset' to cope with personal health budgets

The introduction of personal health budgets for patients will require a “culture change” among nurses, who will need to learn a whole new set of skills, researchers have warned. 

Hospital-Acquired Infections: Beating Back the Bugs
Some hospitals have turned a corner in fighting deadly infections 

Clinical Nurse Consultants Underutilised
A study has found that the role of clinical nurse consultants (CNCs) has not been properly defined, resulting in underutilisation of CNCs. The study, which was published online in Collegian (18(2), 61-69, 2010), attempted to understand the role of the CNC as it is perceived by CNCs themselves, since the development of varying advanced nursing roles has led to confusion and inconsistency regarding the scope of each role.
Preference for Breast Cancer Nurses over GPs
A study has found that breast cancer survivors prefer to wait for their scheduled follow-up appointment with a breast cancer nurse (BCN) to consult them about their concerns, rather... 

Nursing Company Fined for Failing to Pay Nurse Appropriately
Tamworth nursing service, SOS Nursing and Home Care Service, and its managing director, Rosemary Hyles, have been fined a total of $29,000 by the Federal Magistrates Court for breaching workplace agreements with one of its nurses. 

Music Therapy Can Calm Agitation, Relieve Depression
SAN FRANCISCO (EGMN) – Music therapy can improve symptoms of depression and agitation in residents with dementia, according to researchers who described an innovative program in the Metropolitan Jewish Health System in New York 

Have an opinion on health-care reform? Nurses group wants to hear it

Get ready to offer up your opinion on how to reform Canada's health-care system. 

NMC calls on nurses to play key role in new safeguarding boards

The Nursing and Midwifery Council has called on nurses to play a “key role” in new boards being set up to safeguard vulnerable adults. 

ENA Aims to Prevent Violence Against Nurses

Preliminary data from a study by the Emergency Nurses Association suggest that many emergency department nurses suffer workplace violence but hospitals are unlikely to take action, either by responding to the nurse or against the perpetrator. AnnMarie Papa, the association's president, said institutions should encourage reporting of and responses to workplace violence and urge senior administration to show support for nurse victims.  

Major study acclaims nurse prescribing success

Have you trained as an independent nurse prescriber?The introduction of independent prescribing by nurses has been hailed a success and is now a “widely integrated form of health service delivery”, according to a major study for the government 

Most nurses 'ignore VG site advice'

Intramuscular injections are administered by seven out of 10 hospital nurses in the dorsogluteal (DG) buttock site despite the potential risks of causing sciatic nerve damage, a study found. 

From the Ministry of Health

District Nursing Service Development in New Zealand
Date of publication (online): 31 May 2011
Summary of publicationThis report highlights the range of creative and responsive district nursing service delivery models. The report goes deeper into four case studies demonstrating how district nurses work flexible providing care to help patients transition across hospital and home boundaries. Moving services closer to the patients, collaborating with providers, and co-locating nurses with other community teams are common themes.

Opportunities and challenges for developing district nursing are identified in areas including; governance, leadership, clinical outcomes, information sharing, and advancing their scope of practice. 

District Nursing Services in New Zealand in 2010
Date of publication (online): 31 May 2011
Summary of publicationThis report identifies 65 separate district nursing services offering a wide range of home, clinic, and community based health care services usually seven days a week. Preventing hospital admissions and enabling early discharge are the main focus of the services.

People over seventy five years of age are referred most often for care and this group is likely to grow by thirty five percent over the next ten years. The bulk of the workforce is registered nurses alongside enrolled nurses and health care assistants.

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