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Welcome to the College of Nurses Aotearoa News Update.
No. 371
Wednesday 25 October 2017


Sarah Hunstead: A life. A Finger. A Pea Up a Nose
Paediatric emergency nurse Sarah Hunstead is on a mission to build caregivers’ confidence and skills at performing first aid on children, in the vital minutes before an ambulance arrives.
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Canterbury GPs, pharmacists, nurses keep working while sick
More than half of Canterbury's primary health professionals are turning up to work sick to avoid letting their colleagues and patients down, a survey has found. 
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Nursing shortages on new College of Mental Health Nurses president’s agenda
Gaining a better understanding of the current nursing shortage issue is a high priority for newly elected College of Mental Health president Suzette Poole.
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New govt largely seen as good for health
Senior doctors are happy to see the proposed public-private partnership (PPP) for Dunedin Hospital ditched, Association of Salaried Medical Specialists executive director Ian Powell says .
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Life and death on the front lines of teen health: Why we have health clinics for our poorest school kids
A comprehensive school health clinic is making all the difference in the lives of kids who otherwise might not get the care they need.
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Auckland radiology clinics charge for ultrasound due to government underfunding
The cost of having a baby in Auckland is on the rise, partly due to a shortfall in government funding.Pregnancy care is free for all eligible women in New Zealand but many clinics in Auckland are now being forced to charge a fee for routine ultrasound checks.
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Obesity programme Whānau Pakari gets results
A  healthy lifestyle programme for kids and teens with obesity has resulted in physical and emotional health gains across a group tracked for 12 months, a new study shows.
The programme, called Whānau Pakari, which is offered only in Taranaki, is unique in New Zealand for its community-based, multi-disciplinary approach.
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Ministry of Health throws support behind vaping as a way to quit smoking
Fears around e-cigarettes have gone up in a puff of smoke, as health officials say they could be a valuable weapon in the country's fight to become smokefree.
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The nursing workforce is growing more diverse and educated, finds NYU Meyers study
Study also shows improvement in working relationships between nurses and physicians
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Language tests for nurses from abroad to be watered down
Language tests for overseas nurses are set to be overhauled, with “less academic” versions introduced, following complaints that current exams are too difficult.
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Education, communication the cure for compassion fatigue in nurses, experts say
Burnout and stress impact healthcare workers at all levels, but for nurses it can lead to lapses in the quality of care they provide. Nurses can take steps to protect their well-being, and the safety of their patients, by educating themselves on the risks.
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Nurses and Emotional Wellness
Nursing can be physically taxing work, yet the emotional toll of nurses’ careers can be equally as significant.
Many nurses face death, illness, violence, tragedy, stress, bullying and burnout on a consistent basis, and a focus on emotional wellness is key to a nurse’s professional longevity and personal wellbeing.
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A nationwide survey of patient problem occurrence across different nursing healthcare sectors. Kieft R, de Veer A, Francke A, Delnoij D Nursing Open. 2017;00:1–11.
The aim of this study was to determine the patient problems that nurses encounter in different clinical settings and the extent to which they report being able to influence those patient problems.
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From theory to practice: The promise of primary care in New Zealand
This report examines and reports on the New Zealand health reforms of the early 2000s, central to which were the creation of primary health organisations (PHOs) and a programme to subsidise primary care for all New Zealanders.
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