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No. 425, Wednesday 5 December 2018


New nurses seek mental health and addictions careers
The Mental Health, Addictions and Intellectual Disability Service (MHAIDS) has welcomed 13 new nurses to its specialist training programme.
The New Entry to Specialist Practice (NESP) programme equips graduate and registered nurses for a career in mental health, addictions and intellectual disability services.
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Nurse left with severe burns after patient attack
A nurse at Christchurch's Hillmorton Hospital has been left scarred for life following an attack by a patient earlier this week.
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Nurse stabbed at Christchurch's Hillmorton Hospital
A nurse has been stabbed by a patient at Christchurch's Hillmorton Hospital, a day before top health officials are due to meet over long-standing safety concerns.
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Hawke's Bay mental health worker recovering after being choked unconscious by a patient
A Hawke's Bay mental health nurse is recovering after she was choked unconscious by a patient last month.
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Nurse assaults sparks urgent WorkSafe meeting request
WorkSafe is seeking an urgent meeting with Canterbury health authorities about unacceptable risk management at Hillmorton Hospital after a spate of assaults
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Mental health nurses say CDHB bosses are ‘out of touch’
Nurses at Hillmorton Hospital say hospital management are "out of touch".
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New chief nurse humbled and excited
The country’s new chief nursing officer Margareth Broodkoorn tells Nursing Review she is humbled and excited at her appointment and at being able to bring the strengths of her bicultural Māori and Dutch heritage to the role.
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Nursing leaders congratulate new chief nurse
The appointment of a ‘strong, knowledgeable and gracious’ leader as the new Chief Nursing Officer has been welcomed as a ‘bold’ and ‘exciting’ choice by the country’s nursing organisations.
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Audit shows residential care readiness for pressure injuries
A new Ministry report, Pressure Injuries in Aged Residential Care looks at the results of an audit of 528 aged residential care providers throughout New Zealand between 1 January 2016 and 31 March 2017.
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New global dementia report highlights NZ's failings
A new report about the scale of the global dementia challenge means New Zealand needs to step up its response to this public health issue, says Alzheimers NZ.
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Protecting the vulnerable from climate change
Does climate change really have an impact on health? Would we really notice if the earth’s temperature rose by 1°C? These were questions registered nurse Jennifer Wressell asked herself, not realising the links between climate change and the impacts on her practice. Involvement in a climate forum exposed her to statistics about the impact of climate on health outcomes, particularly of the vulnerable. She reports here on how healthcare practitioners can make a difference.
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Report: Climate change already a global health emergency
A sweeping new report has highlighted the enormous impact climate change is already having on our health and wellbeing.
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Health initiative does poorly
A health initiative launched in Invercargill four years ago has yet to deliver marked improvement in the city residents’ wellbeing, a new report says.
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Health boards pay up for celebrity endorsements
District health boards have paid celebrities and sports franchises more than $500,000 to endorse their health communications during the last five years.
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South Canterbury District Health Board launches Navigate programme
A new 'epidemic' has hit the South Canterbury District Health Board (SCDHB), but this time they're hoping it will spread.
The DHB recently launched Navigate, its self directed leadership learning programme to support health services and better its delivery to patients across the region.
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2018 Health Innovation Awards
A project that helps Columbian refugees to settle into Nelson and cope with the change is the overall winner in the 2018 Health Innovation Awards (HIA).
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The basics of a proposed legal death: a guide to the End of Life Choice bill
New Zealand is facing a question of life and death. After taking in the nation's views on legalised euthanasia, the largest-ever parliamentary tour ended in November. Now, Stuff is laying out the arguments and telling the compelling stories surrounding the End of Life Choice bill.
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Euthanasia debate: Is there dignity in death, or does palliative care kill?
As debate rages about whether euthanasia should be legalised, a palliative care expert is urging MPs to spare a thought for doctors who would have to carry out the act.
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More than a moral dilemma: The religious and community views on euthanasia
Just over 12 per cent of the New Zealand population identify as Catholic and yet their view has been one of the most prominent – and well-covered in the media – when it comes to the euthanasia debate.
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Doctors to fight new abortion law
Group opposes any moves that erode rights in dealing with patients seeking terminations, writes Claire Trevett.A group of doctors opposed to abortion say they will fight any moves in looming reforms to erode their rights to refuse to deal with patients wanting abortions. The issue of referring patients seeking abortions to another doctor has drawn opposition from the group.
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Government Appoints DHB & MoH Group to Advise What to Do About the Mental Health Inquiry Recommendations....
In a not so smart move, Health Minister David Clark appears to have agreed to have a so-called 'Leadership Group' of primarily DHB representatives, as well as the Ministry of Health's Mental Health Director, John Crawshaw, advise him on what recommendations to accept from the just-completed Mental Health Inquiry.
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Time needed to ‘digest’ 200-page Mental Health Inquiry report
Health Minister David Clark says it will take more than one Budget to address all the issues and recommendations in the 200-page Mental Health and Inquiry report handed over to him today.
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Government won't respond to mental health inquiry until March
The Government will not be responding to the Mental Health and Addictions inquiry report for at least four months.
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The Inquiry: How to understand the mental health system
The Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry's public meetings showed a divide in opinion between family members and people who live with mental illness. Now, Jessica McAllen dives into the specifics of the system and what needs fixing.
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DIA: Inquiry Report now available on website
He Ara Oranga: Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction is now available in pdf and html versions on the Inquiry’s website:
Other versions are also available on the Inquiry website: 

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Major new target to boost access to mental health services, top recommendation from inquiry
A national target to measure access to mental health services will "transform the system", a sweeping inquiry into the state of New Zealand's mental health services has found.
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Mental Health and Addiction report: What you need to know
An inquiry, almost a year in the making, into New Zealand's approach to mental health and addiction has resulted in 40 recommendations which, if put into practice, could see significant change and improvement to the country's mental health systems.
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Experts react to the release of Government's Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry
The findings for the Government's Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry was released on Tuesday, with a range of recommendations.
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Bay of Plenty District Health Board takes midwife dispute to Employment Relations Authority
The Bay of Plenty District Health Board has taken its dispute with a midwives' union over strike staffing to the Employment Relations Authority.
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Midwives Right to Strike Being Strangled
Statement from the NZ College of Midwives. To be attributed to Chief Executive, Karen Guilliland.
The New Zealand College of Midwives is extremely disappointed in the actions of the Bay of Plenty DHB demanding more midwives work during the daily two hour strike periods, than would normally be required.
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Medicinal cannabis to be extended to all those in palliative care
Health Minister David Clark has proposed changes to the medicinal cannabis legislation that will extend its use to all people needing palliative relief, rather than just those with a year or less to live.
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Southern DHB Home Team brings care to patients' homes
Home is often the best place to receive care and recover from illness, and a new Southern DHB initiative is helping to make this a reality for more patients.
Patients recover quicker when they are in the familiar surroundings of their own home and have a much greater chance of regaining their independence.
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Clinicians Must Do Their Part to Address Inaccurate Online Health Information
Both healthcare professionals and patients must develop critical appraisal skills and use them to evaluate internet-based health information and advice and distinguish the good from the bad, wrote one researcher in the AMA Journal of Ethics. Furthermore, healthcare professionals should become involved in initiatives to improve the quality of the health information available on the internet
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Nurse practitioners, physician assistants can recommend medical cannabis in latest draft of Prop. 2 replacement bill
SALT LAKE CITY — In an apparent response to public pushback, lawmakers have modified the bill crafted to replace Proposition 2.
The latest draft published on Friday night allows nurse practitioners, physician assistants and high-level social workers to recommend medical cannabis to qualifying patients. Previously, it was going to be limited to physicians with prescribing authority only.
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Incorporating an Undergraduate Student in Nursing program into the workforce: a prospective observational study
Alison Raffelt,... et al
The objective was to describe the organisational perspective of the implementation of the Undergraduate Student in Nursing (USIN) program and to describe the experience of nursing staff working with these Undergraduate Students in Nursing.
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Nursing in an age of multimorbidity
Siobhan O’Connor .... et al
BMC Nursing201817:49
©  The Author(s). 2018
A changing sociodemographic landscape has seen rising numbers of people with two or more long-term health conditions. Multimorbidity presents numerous challenges for patients and families and those who work in healthcare services. Therefore, the nursing profession needs to understand the issues involved in supporting people with multiple chronic conditions and how to prepare the future workforce to care for them.
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Tuberculosis Case Management for People In Correctional Facilities
The publication provides guidance for the staff of corrections facilities, public health services and clinical tuberculosis (TB) services in New Zealand, to enable them to carry out tasks relating to the case management of people with active TB disease or with latent TB infection in corrections facilities.
The protocol does not cover the management of people with TB while they are hospitalised in a public hospital, which usually occurs only at the commencement of TB treatment, or if complications requiring re-hospitalisation occur during the course of TB treatment.
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Guidance for Best Practice Management in the National Bowel Screening Programme: Consultation document
Submissions close 11.45 pm, Friday 18 January 2019.
Published online: 26 November 2018
As part of ongoing quality improvement, the National Bowel Screening Programme (NBSP) has developed draft clinical guidelines for the health sector entitled ‘Best Practice Management in the National Bowel Screening Programme’.
The guidelines will provide guidance to practitioners involved in the Bowel Screening pathway, supporting clinical decision making and providing advice to participants.
The NBSP is consulting on these draft guidelines with the clinical groups and professional bodies, using the Ministry’s online consultation tool. A final version of the guidelines will be published following consideration of the consultation feedback.
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