Mental Health & Addiction Update - 30 March 2020

on 31 March



Mental Health & Addiciton update

Kia ora whānau

Robyn Shearer, Deputy Director-General, Mental Health & Addiction.

Thanks and kind thoughts

You have been in my thoughts over the past week. I have been wondering how you and your loved ones are doing. I hope you are bearing up well. 

Mental health and wellbeing are important to everyone in New Zealand - we are all struggling with the psychosocial impact of Covid-19 to various degrees. During a crisis we need connection more than ever, but this crisis is unique, and we need to find ways to connect while maintaining physical distance. Across Government and the NGO sector, organisations are rising to the challenge of putting supports in place to help everyone get through this challenging time. This isn’t business as usual and we need to be kind to ourselves, as well as each other.

Thank you for everything you are doing. We are aware of the lengths you are going to and the challenges you are facing. When I hear your stories, I feel humbled and proud.


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