21st September is World Alzheimers Day

on 21 September

Alzheimers NZ

21st September is World Alzheimers Day

Living well with dementia

Living well with dementia - Peter and Fergus' story
Living well with dementia is about being valued and respected for who you are, something which is close to Fergus Riley’s heart. Fergus has shared his story in the hope that we all take a moment on World Alzheimers Day to think about what it means to live well with dementia, and how we all can play a part – with kindness, patience and by seeing the person, not the dementia. 


World Alzheimer Report 2020

World Alzheimer Report 2020
The World Alzheimer Report 2020 (Design, Dignity, Dementia; dementia-related design and the built environment) has been released.

The Alzheimer's Disease International report makes a strong statement that design for dementia is 30 years behind the physical disabilities movement - and that this must change.

It calls for design solutions to be included in national government's responses to dementia, including in their national plans, recognizing design as a vital, non-pharmacological intervention.

Sadly, New Zealand does not yet have a national dementia plan backed by government, but the dementia sector in New Zealand did include dementia-related design in the NZ Dementia Action Plan we prepared earlier this year as a blueprint for government’s action on dementia.


Move for dementia

Get moving for dementia
Move for Dementia. That’s what we’re asking everyone to do in September for World Alzheimers Month. If you’re a ‘mover and shaker’ who likes walking, running, dancing and other physical exercise, set yourself a movement challenge. If you’d prefer to move through an inspiring online experience, take the virtual Memory Walk. Choose your move below.



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