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No. 78 – 2 November 2011 

From NZ media this week 

Mental health a 'challenge'
Providing mental health services for an ageing population is expected to be a challenge for South Canterbury. 

Call for wider adoption of Whanau Ora approach
Good quality Maori projects have been lost in the creation of Whanau Ora but the scheme needs wider acceptance by the Government, advocates say. 

Health equity requires urgent political action
The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) is calling for the Government to endorse the political declaration of the World Health Organisation (WHO) which is pressing for a global commitment to reduce health inequities by focusing on the social determinants ... 

Top accolade for nurse
When Andrew Cameron pulled up to Hutt Hospital on a motorbike as a self-proclaimed "straggly 19-year-old" looking for nursing work, no-one could have expected his career could span so many continents. 

Nurses give evidence
The trial of a euthanasia campaigner accused of the attempted murder of his mother has heard from two nurses who cared for her in the weeks leading up to her death. 

Free after-hours health care for under-6s
Children under the age of six are to get free after-hours healthcare. 

Nurse struck off for abuse of patients
A Dunedin nurse has been thrown out of the profession after he indecently assaulted three female patients in the back of an ambulance. 

e-whiteboard system a time saver for NZ District Health Board
The Waikato District Health Board (DHB) is reaping the benefits of its three-month old electronic whiteboard system designed to capture accurate updates on relevant information about a patient.  

International media 
'Shame on us nurses'
A leading nurse argues training should involve ensuring people know how to care for the elderly 

RCN under fire from members over changes to indemnity scheme
The Royal College of Nursing was forced this week to defend a decision to withdraw its indemnity cover for nurses working in general practice 

The Serious Emotional Consequences Of Whistleblowing
Whistleblowing incidents can have a serious, long-term impact on people's emotional well-being and their colleagues and employers have a responsibility to provide them with the support they need, according to a study in the... 

Wellbeing For Cancer Survivors Improved By Nurses
A one-off consultation with a nurse at the end of cancer treatment can make a difference to a patient's ongoing physical and emotional wellbeing. The Queensland University of Technology (QUT ) School of Nursing and Midwifery... 

Are nurses concentrating too hard on an academic approach?
There is a mismatch between serious academic study and the delivery of very basic care, says Noreen Wainwright 

Ireland has most foreign nurses
The Irish health service relies more heavily on foreign nurses than any other health system in Europe and in some other developed countries, according to a new report. 

Ordeal of jobless graduate nurses
The government is yet to release the diplomas of over 2 000 nurses it had bonded over the past two years as part of the national service they were required to render before seeking employment in the more lucrative private sector. 

Seriously ill patients generate a 'primitive fear'
More attention should be paid to the psychological impact on nurses of providing care to increasingly acutely ill patients, according to a report produced by a health think tank for the Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry. 

Government ad for chief national nurse job renews concern over influence
The Department of Health’s job advert for its most senior nurse has renewed concern over the profession losing influence at the top of government. 

Public health 
Dementia rates set to double, researcher calls for it to be a national health priority
Dementia rates in New Zealand are set to double within the next 30 years placing increased demands on families and an already over-burdened health system. But according to AUT University researcher Grace O’Sullivan, life doesn’t have to stop because  …. 

Increase in Anxiety and Stress in Under 14s
Twelve per cent of all calls to Kidsline from those aged under 14 years relate to anxiety and stress, according to latest call figures to the nationwide 0800 kids helpline service 

Depression our big worry
Depressed and anxious New Zealanders make up the two biggest groups on sickness benefits - higher than those off work for arthritis, heart disease and back injuries combined.

Workplace and management 
INR Virtual issue: Workplace Conflict
Workplace conflict is of continuing, serious concern for nurses, as is evidenced by the sheer number of articles published in INR on this theme – almost one per issue over two years. It is clearly a global issue; there are articles from Australia, Canada, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the USA. Manifestations of the conflict vary but one conclusion emerges, namely that it is sufficiently important for nurses themselves to research and document the problem for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal. INR did not solicit these articles on workplace conflict; they were amongst manuscripts routinely submitted, peer-reviewed and accepted or rejected between March 2008 and 2010. I have been genuinely surprised to find articles on this theme recurring regularly. One conclusion is certain: the need for positive practice environments has been a major concern of the ICN for several years, and this small survey of published work reinforces its view that workplace conflict is a serious matter to be addressed by employers, and by the profession itself. 

How to be an effective networker
Networking is a way to associate yourself with a diverse group of individuals. 

Health and wellness 
Yoga and stretching ease chronic back pain
In pain? New research suggests that practising yoga each week and regular stretching could ease lower back pain and improve functioning in just three months. 

Articles of interest 
Are you a transformational leader?
Nursing Management: September 2011 - Volume 42 - Issue 9 - p 44–50 Healthcare in the United States is constantly changing and becoming increasing more complex. An essential portion of the recent Institute of Medicine report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, focuses on the significance of nurses as leaders in healthcare.1 The American Nurses Association continues to encourage and support nurses to play a more proactive leadership role in the various settings in which they practice and at the state and national level.2 

Online resources 

DHHS launches new adolescent health website
The Office of Adolescent Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has launched a new website on adolescent health issues, including physical, mental and reproductive health, substance abuse and healthy relationships. The website includes national and state fact sheets, information and tips for parents and adults about talking with adolescents, research summaries, adolescent health resources from across federal agencies, and opportunities to catch up on the latest news in adolescent health.

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