Stand with us - sign our open letter to government (Deliver for Dementia)

on 15 October

Deliver for Dementia
Sign our open letter to government
Dementia is one of the most demanding and costly health conditions in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is likely to affect most of us in some way at some point.

If you develop dementia, you’ll be pretty much on your own because, as of now, the government currently has no plan to deal with it - but you can help change that. 
The government has ‘committed support’ to the Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan. But so far there’s been no delivery - and we are running out of time.

Your help is vital to make the Plan happen. Please sign this open letter to the Minister and Associate Minister of Health urging them to deliver on the Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan now.

Together we can be a powerful voice for people living with dementia. Because who knows - you, me, many of us, may need the Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan sooner than we think.
Stand with us
Source: Dementia Economic Impact Report 2020
Alzheimers New Zealand
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