Goodfellow Unit - Here's what's coming up (1 December 2021)

on 3 December

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Acne: Impact on quality of life and best practice management

WEBINAR 7 December: Peggy Chan shares the best practices to manage patients with acne. She demonstrates how acne impacts patients' quality of life and overviews available treatment options using case studies. Register now

Urological issues in men

John Tuckey and Giovanni Losco overviewed the GP role in managing ED and incontinence following prostate cancer treatment. View here

Follow that up in 2022 and hear Andrew Williams and Simon Van Rij overview how to manage common urological presentations and what red flags to watch out for. Symposium programme

Assisted dying and end of life choice

PODCAST: Palliative care doctor Kate Grundy discusses assisted dying and what it means for primary care and families. Podcast and resources here

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