A new suite of gout resources for primary care

on 6 December

Kia ora, 

I am writing today to ask for your support in promoting our new suite of gout resources to clinicians, educators and quality managers in your organisation. 

It takes the whole team to manage gout, and we encourage everyone to be involved: GPs, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, kaiāwhina, patients and whānau. We’re committed to providing education to help improve health outcomes, and our latest resources focus on communicating effectively with people who have gout. 

Our gout resources are: 

  • Article – Beyond medicines for gout

In this article, prescribing pharmacist Dr Linda Bryant emphasises that gout is a long-term condition that should be addressed holistically. This article is available at akohiringa.co.nz. 

  • Bulletin – Beyond unreasonable gout!

Our bulletin outlines specific actions that can be taken to reduce gout harm, especially for Māori and Pacific peoples, who are disproportionately affected by this condition. Read the bulletin at akohiringa.co.nz. 

  • Podcast – Let’s talk gout (part 1)

This episode of our Legendary Conversations podcast features Professor Nicola Dalbeth, Carla While and Meihana Douglas. These experts discuss beliefs and attitudes about gout, and how good communication can improve outcomes. Listen to this episode at akohiringa.co.nz, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify

  • Podcast – Let’s talk gout (part 2)

This Legendary Conversations episode uses a scripted discussion to illustrate use of the Ask, Build, Check health literacy model when talking about gout. Learning moments are highlighted throughout. Listen to this episode at akohiringa.co.nz, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify

  • Video – Let’s talk gout

This this is the video version of our podcast Let’s talk gout (part 2). Watch it at akohiringa.co.nz. 

  • Gout resource repository

Here you can find all of our gout content, as well as links to up-to-date gout resources from other providers. Everything is in one place for your convenience, at akohiringa.co.nz. 

Please feel free to publish links to these resources and/or this press release in your internal communications. Our gout resources have also been promoted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Ngā mihi, 

Alice McRae

He Ako Hiringa

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