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on 24 March

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COVID-19 and vulnerable older people

WEBINAR Tomorrow, 24 March: This NRHCC and Goodfellow Unit webinar will look at COVID-19 and its impact on vulnerable older adults. Register here

Meningococcal disease in young people; a NZ perspective

WEBINAR 29 March: Nikki Turner on meningococcal disease in young people including treatment options and outcomes. Vaccination options and timing recommendations are also covered. Register here


Atrial fibrillation – reducing the risk

WEBINAR 5 April: Stroke Physician Dr Alan Davis will present the quality improvement tools developed for the major primary patient management system to identify and reduce stroke risk and improve outcomes for patients with this condition. Register here

Ovarian cysts; patient management

WEBINAR 12 April: Dr Anil Sharma on common presentations, the physiological, the pathological, and the harbingers of other problems. Register here

Atopic dermatitis and ageing skin - the role of ceramides 

WEBINAR 26 April: Dr Juber Hafiji shares the best practices to manage patients with atopic dermatitis. Register here

Sexuality and Intimacy

Workshop 8 and 9 June:  Allyson Waite's popular two-day workshop in Auckland, designed to extend knowledge regarding sexuality and intimacy. Register here


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