Goodfellow Unit - CPD for primary care & Webinars in June and July 2022

on 1 June

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What's happening in child & adolescent psychiatry?

WEBINAR 7 June: Dr Mirsad Begic on child and adolescent psychiatry- including eating disorders and ADHD. Register here

Winter therapeutics: COVID-19 and other respiratory infections

WEBINAR 14 June: The NRHCC panel will provide practical advice and tips for COVID-19, flu, RSV and strep throat management. Register here

Adolescent dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain

WEBINAR 21 June: Adolescent dysmenorrhea and pelvic pain with Fiona Connell. Register here

Stroke – devastating but preventable

WEBINAR 5 July: Anna Ranta and Ralph Stewart, on how to identify patients who have the greatest risk of stroke, how preventive treatments lower this risk, and how to individualise treatments so they are more likely to achieve the best outcomes for each patient. Register here

The thriving clinician

WEBINAR 19 July: Sharee Johnson, psychologist coach shares some of her experience coaching doctors with us. Register here

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