Goodfellow Unit - Webinars in July and August 2022

on 14 July

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The thriving clinician

WEBINAR 19 July: Sharee Johnson, psychologist coach shares some of her experience coaching doctors. Register here

Depression in the elderly

WEBINAR 2 August: Dr Sachin Jauhari, a consultant psychiatrist, will discuss mental health in older adults. Specifically, the assessment and management of depression in elderly patients. Register here

Your patient is diagnosed with prostate cancer – what now?

WEBINAR 16 August: The multidisciplinary team from MercyAscot will provide evidence-based know-how to better inform and help your patients in their prostate cancer journey. Register here


Online Primary Care Update 2022

WEBINAR Saturday 27 August: Spend Saturday online with your peers and get up to date on what's new in dermatology, ORL, sexual health, cardiology, menopause, and more. Register here

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