Goodfellow Unit - Webinars in August and September 2022

on 25 August

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Online Primary Care Update 2022

WEBINAR This Saturday, 27 August: Just two more days till kick off. Register now

Heart failure therapies: what, when and how 

WEBINAR 30 August: Rob Doughty will review the context and definitions of heart failure. Register here

Measles and the potential crisis of childhood immunisations

WEBINAR 6 September: Join the NRHCC team for an update on measles and childhood immunisations. Register here

Reading to stay alive

WEBINAR 13 September: Emeritus Professor, GP, and author Chris Dowrick will explore how literary reading ameliorates our personal and vicarious experiences of suicide. Register here

Cervical screening update 

WEBINAR 20 September: The panel will provide an update on cervical screening, as well as information about the transition to HPV primary screening in July 2023. Register here


Women's Health Day

Face-to-face event 24 September: The Auckland Faculty of the RNZCGPs presents a FREE session on women's health. This event provides 5 hours of CPD. Register here


Dulaglutide: 12 months on

WEBINAR 13 September: Ryan Paul will update the evidence and new clinical indications for dulaglutide. Register here

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