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on 21 September

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Women's Health Day is this Saturday

Face-to-face event 24 September: The Auckland Faculty of the RNZCGPs presents a FREE session on women's health. This event provides 5 hours of CPD. Register here


Dulaglutide: 12 months on

WEBINAR 27 September: Ryan Paul will update the evidence and new clinical indications for dulaglutide. Register here

Optimising management of female urinary incontinence

WEBINAR 4 October: The panel will discuss female urinary incontinence management strategies to optimise long-term patient outcomes. Register here

The latest on shingles and Shingrix

WEBINAR 11 October: Buzz Burrell and Joan Ingram on zoster, postherpetic neuralgia and the new vaccine. Register here



Podcast: Julia Scott and Gary McAuliffe cover all you need to know about monkeypox. Podcast and resources

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