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No. 103 –  16 May 2012

From NZ media this week 

International Nurses Day spotlights the value of our NZ Primary Health Care Nurses
With International Nurses Day approaching on May 12th the New Zealand College of Primary Health Care Nurses, NZNO is keen to showcase the amazing service community nurses provide and the shift in nursing patterns 

Hospital Ship Honours Kiwi Nurses on International Nurses Day (May 12th)
For more than 30 years, nurses from all over New Zealand have given up their time and volunteered with Mercy Ships hospital ship to help people less fortunate than themselves, bringing hope and healing to thousands of patients suffering in poverty 

Plaudits for nurses on their special day - Street
Labour today joins with all New Zealanders to acknowledge the work and worth of nurses on International Nurses Day."International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth," Labour's Health spokesperson, Maryan Street said. 

Role of nurses recognised
Wanganui Hospital's senior nurses were to visit every ward in the hospital today to acknowledge the invaluable, round-the-clock work nurses do for the hospital and patients.

Canterbury nurses celebrate role in improving health outcomes
Canterbury nurses can celebrate their contribution to improving the health of all this International Nurses Day (May 12, 2012). 

International Nurses Day
With International Nurses Day tomorrow, Health Minister Tony Ryall thanks all nurses for the important contribution they make to the health of New Zealanders. 

Successful ‘Nursing Needs You’ Campaign Returns to Southland
Southern District Health Board's unique Return to Nursing Program will run another course in Southland in August 2012, with a call going out to all nurses who are interested in returning to the workforce to register their interest. 

Nurses deal with the final days
Gwen Singer, a palliative care nurse for South Auckland's Totara Hospice for 15 years, is visiting Enesi Puni, who is dying of prostate cancer. It's a cheerful encounter. "You live until you die," says Singer, by way of explanation. 

Nurse practitioner palliative care role for Waikato DHB
Sandi Haggar has been appointed to the new role of nurse practitioner - palliative care with the Waikato Regional Palliative Care Service. She is one of only four palliative care nurse practitioners in New Zealand. 

Prescription charges on the rise
Prescription charges are rising for the first time in 20 years. Minister of Health Tony Ryall has announced an increase in the $3 prescription charge to $5 per item, up to a maximum of 20 items. The change will take effect… 

Budget 2012: $101m for surgery, cancer services
The Budget next week will provide $101 million of extra funding over the next four years for more elective operations and scans, and improved cancer services, Health Minister Tony Ryall says. 

Budget boost to fight rheumatic fever
The Government will put an additional $12 million into tackling rheumatic fever rates. 

Public sector plastic surgery workforce 'inadequate'
New Zealanders are at risk of having little access to specialist plastic surgery in the public system as the workforce is "inadequate and mal-distributed", a leading doctor says. 

Investigation launched into tertiary providers
The qualifications authority has launched an investigation into the recruitment of Indian nurses who come to study in New Zealand. 

Health: Who will administer your flu jab?
Gone are the days when the job of a practice nurse was solely to be at the doctors' bidding. Now they are often the first, and only, medical professional a patient will see when they visit their GP. 

Nurse left dancing in the dark
4000 hours' work experience isn't good enough An American trained nurse has resorted to teaching ballet after being told her four years' experience at a renowned paediatric hospital count for nothing in New Zealand. 

International media 

How nursing should tackle its image problem
Professionals should work together to respond to the challenge of delivering care in a time of growing demands 

Troubled trust turns to nursing quality framework (Registration, free, needed)
Nurses and midwives at a struggling foundation trust in the North East are being encouraged to join a nationwide nurse-led approach to drive up standards and maintain excellence in care for patients 

Nurse-Led Home Interventions Reduce TV Viewing Time And BMI In Kids
Louise A Baur, Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health at the University of Sydney's Medical School in Australia presented one of the world's first studies that examined obesity risk factors in very young children at the 19th European Congress on Obesity in Lyon, France. 

Why Nurses Need More Authority
Allowing nurses to act as primary-care providers will increase coverage and lower health-care costs. So why is there so much opposition from physicians? 

Physician Wages in States with Expanded APRN Scope of Practice
Nursing Research and Practice
Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 671974, 5 pages
In recent years, states have looked to reforms in advanced practice nursing scope of practice (SOP) barriers as a potential means to increase access to primary care while reducing costs. Currently, 16 states and the District of Columbia permit advanced practice registered nurses to practice independently of physicians, allowing them to perform functions such as diagnosing and prescribing under their own authority within the primary care setting. Given the resistance of many physician associations to these reforms, we asked whether the economic interests of primary care physicians might be affected by reforms. Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics data on earnings, we compared primary care physicians' earnings in states that have instituted SOP reforms to those that maintain these practice barriers. We also compared surgeons' earnings as a control group. Lastly, we compared the rate of growth in the earnings of primary care physicians and surgeons over the last ten years. This preliminary analysis revealed no evidence of differences in earnings across the two groups 

Articles of interest 

Simulating Care: Technology-Mediated Learning in Twenty-First Century Nursing Education
Nursing Forum
Volume 47, Issue 1, pages 34–38, January-March 2012
PROBLEM. The increased reliance on simulation classrooms has proven successful in learning skills. Questions persist concerning the ability of technology-driven robotic devices to form and cultivate caring behaviors, or sufficiently develop interactive nurse–client communication necessary in the context of nursing.
METHODS. This article examines the disconnects created by use of simulation technology in nursing education, raising the question: “Can learning of caring-as-being, be facilitated in simulation classrooms?”
FINDINGS. We propose that unless time is spent with human beings in the earliest stages of nursing education, transpersonal caring relationships do not have space to develop. Learning, crafting, and maturation of caring behaviors threatens to become a serendipitous event or is no longer perceived as an essential characteristic of nursing.CONCLUSIONS. Technology does not negate caring–the isolation it fosters makes transpersonal caring all the more important. We are called to create a new paradigm for nursing education that merges Nightingale's vision with technology's promise. 

EHR Success All in the Details
There's always something. Whether it's a pasture of COWs (computers on wheels) gathering dust, dead spots in your Wi-Fi coverage, or clinicians who want an unmanageable amount of customization, no EHR effort is without glitches. The eight providers below are doing about as well with EHRs as anyone-they are collecting meaningful use dollars 

Nurses Making Patient Safety an Official Career Path
April 29, 2012 - Patient safety is at the forefront of health care industry concerns, and because of the role of nurses in direct patient care they have ideal experiences for leading the industry in addressing these concerns. Nurses can work in a myriad of patient safety positions, ranging from informatics to risk mitigation to quality improvement. 

Are you confidently competent?
Nursing Management: May 2012 - Volume 43 - Issue 5 - p 50–53
Nurse manager competencies have been recognized as key contributors to a healthcare organization's success.1 In 1994, the Nurse Manager Competency Instrument (NMCI) was developed to measure competencies necessary for the role. Economic, workforce, and population changes were driving forces influencing the need to reexamine competencies in 2010. The result was an updated, evidence-based, quantitative instrument used to evaluate performance and inform development for current nurse managers or eligible nurse manager candidates. 

Health and wellness 

Meditation Linked To Better Wellbeing And Health , Including Mental Health
10 May, 2012
Meditation Linked To Better Wellbeing And Health , Including Mental Health
The experience of ‘mental silence’ is linked with better health outcomes and greater wellbeing according to a University of Sydney study. The area of greatest .. 

New publications 
The nursing team: Common goals (PDF 79.5 KB)
Publication code: 004 213
Publication date: 27 March 2012
Abstract:Historically, the nursing team has consisted of nurses, midwives, students and support workers, all delivering aspect of nursing care, but with different levels of responsibility and decision making. The team has developed considerably and become more complex over recent years as new roles such as assistant practitioners (APs) have been created. This briefing aims to assist health care assistants (HCAs), APs, registered nurses, colleagues, patients and the public to understand how the team functions and works together. 

Online publications 

Position statement on HCAs (PDF 1.2 MB)
Publication code: 004 214
Publication date: 27 March 2012
Abstract:Health care assistants (HCAs) are a valued and integral part of the nursing team, who should be supported to develop their knowledge and skills required to deliver competent and compassionate patient-centred care. The RCN recognises the need for a flexible workforce with the appropriate competences which can respond to the changing requirements of the health and social care sector. This position statement provides commissioners, education providers and employers with guidance on best practice in relation to the training and education of HCAs in the UK working at levels 2-3 of the Skills for Health Career Framework (2008).  

Quality and Safety in Nursing: A Competency Approach to Improving Outcomes
Gwen Sherwood (Editor), Jane Barnsteiner (Editor) ISBN: 978-0-470-95958-9
Paperback432 pagesApril 2012, Wiley-Blackwell 
Quality and Safety in Nursing: A Competency Approach to Improving Outcomes is the first comprehensive text of its kind devoted to the nursing community's role in improving quality of care and patient safety. Edited by key members of the Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) steering team, the book brings together information from various loci and expertly situates it within the continuum of nursing education and practice. Quality and Safety in Nursing is divided into three sections. The first section links the national initiative for quality and safety to its origins in the IOM report. Section two defines each of the six QSEN competencies in turn, provides instruction on acquiring the skills needed to achieve each competency, and constructs a framework for implementation. Section three further defines implementation strategies in formal education as well as transition into practice.A key resource for academics and clinicians alike, Quality and Safety in Nursing is an essential addition to the library of nurse leaders across the globe. 

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