Goodfellow Unit - Latest Webinars in October and November 2022

on 20 October

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Dentistry in primary care

WEBINAR 25 October: Ben Sorensen will discuss dental problems your patients may come to you with, what to look for and when to refer. Register here

Lung cancer: What's new

WEBINAR 1 November: What's new in the early detection of lung cancer as well as the latest in the Lung Cancer Screening research trial Register here

Pelvic organ prolapse - a common problem: when to reassure and when to refer

WEBINAR 15 November: Join Niki Dykes, Sum Sum Low and Shelley Solomon who present case studies to discuss different management strategies. Register here

Practical tips to encourage wellbeing and avoid burnout

WEBINAR 22 November: We provide practical and effective tips and strategies to promote wellbeing and avoid burnout. Register here

Eliminating and managing liver disease

WEBINAR 29 November: Ed Gane, Rawiri Jansen, Akhilesh Swaminathan and Danielle Gerrard on how to eliminate Hepatitis C by 2030, as well as what can be done to manage liver disease. Register here

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