Pharmac Device Advice (Issue 52 - November 2022)

on 11 November

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Progressing our approach with Te Whatu Ora
We are progressing our work towards a nationally managed hospital medical devices list by 2025. Our goal remains to drive better value for medical device investment and management, such as by cataloguing and standardising contractual terms for thousands of devices.

Following the Health Reforms, a particular focus for us is building our relationship with Te Whatu Ora while we complete the list. Building on each other's strengths and developing an integrated approach is, and will continue to be, important. We've been discussing with them areas of significant overlap between our two agencies, such as devices procurement, category management, health technology assessment, and clinical advice. 

To deliver the best health outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand, we need to be responsive and adapt to the new health and disability landscape. We're looking at what we can bring forward to support Te Whatu Ora in its operations and goals in the nearer term, and will have more to share about what’s next for devices in the next issue of Device Advice.
Devices dashboard
How the national contracts are tracking as of November 2022
157,000 devices from 100+ suppliers covering
$511m annual Te Whatu Ora expenditure
Devices in negotiation Future
Get listed in the Health Sector Catalogue

All of the districts and Pharmac now have access to the Health Sector Catalogue (HSC), which is going to become more and more integrated with health procurement systems. We request that all medical device suppliers work towards publishing their product and pricing information to the HSC as soon as possible. Once the information has been published, we can source product information directly from the HSC rather than asking suppliers to complete the same information again. We expect participation in the HSC will become a contractual requirement in 2023.
For queries on publishing your data to the HSC, please contact Ian Malone, HSC Supplier Engagement Lead, at
Defining hospital medical devices

We’ve been getting input on a definition of hospital medical devices to give our stakeholders clarity of the scope of our work. So far, we’ve met with the following organisations.
  • The Medical Technology Association of New Zealand Board members for input from a supplier perspective
  • Product Evaluation Health New Zealand, which includes staff in clinical product coordinator roles from public and private hospitals
  • Staff from the Ministry of Health that are working on the Therapeutic Products Bill  and the Medsafe team
  • Te Whatu Ora procurement staff
We are now working through their feedback and considering next steps. If you’d like to get in touch about this work, email
Device representatives meet with Pharmac Board

In late October, the Pharmac Board engaged in a special panel discussion with consumer, clinician, hospital management and supplier representatives. They shared what is important to them about hospital medical devices and what Pharmac needs to understand as we expand our role in devices. It is great to connect with and hear the experiences of people on the ground so we can deliver on what is important for them.
Ongoing supply challenges for medical devices

We are working with suppliers, Te Whatu Ora Critical Supply team, and district hospitals to resolve and minimise the impact of supply issues for hospitals and people in their care.
If you are experiencing any issues in the supply of Pharmac contracted medical devices, please email our contract management team.
Category Supplier Date
Agreements notified since 18 August 2022
Electrocardiogram equipment and accessories and
medical imaging, software and associated products
Paragon Care Group New Zealand Ltd 3 November
Infusion equipment and associated devices Arcomed Ltd 28 October
Cardiology equipment and accessories Biotronik Australia Pty Ltd 12 October
Medical imaging, software and associated products Cass Medical Ltd and Electron Medical Ltd 6 October
Principal supply status for permanent coronary drug-eluting stents Boston Scientific New Zealand Ltd 5 October
Medical and surgical instruments (including surgical implants), and power tools Medix 21 Ltd 15 September
Electrocardiogram equipment and accessories (cardiology equipment) 3M New Zealand Ltd 8 September
Rehabilitation equipment, patient positioning products and supports Accessable 7 September
Medical and surgical instruments, and power tools Mölnlycke Health Care Pty Ltd 30 August

We notify all new supplier agreements and list all new proposals on the Consultations and Decisions page on the Pharmac website. You can also keep track of what’s happening in each category on our hospital devices page.
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