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No. 107 –  13 Jun 2012

From NZ media this week 

Nurses step up in the operating theatre
Twelve New Zealand nurses have completed a post-graduate qualification which allows them to help operate on public hospital patients. 

Government working to address nursing shortage
Australia also expects to need an extra 125000 nurses by 2020. Tony Ryall said officials are studying how to keep nurses over the age of 50 in the workforce in New Zealand for longer, perhaps by offering better hours. Mr Ryall said doctor training ... 

Public health service can do more for patients
Health Minister Tony Ryall today told attendees at the Annual Rotorua General Practice Conference and Medical Exhibition that the public health service is delivering for patients, but can do better. 

Joint Statement Regarding Internationally Qualified Nurses
The Nursing Council of New Zealand, and two of the polytechnics offering degrees in nursing wish to reassure internationally qualified nurses seeking registration that they are working together to find a solution as soon as possible to the recent concerns raised by candidates that is fair, reasonable and within each body’s respective statutory obligations. 

Talks on foreign nursing students' eligibility
Waiariki Institute of Technology is in talks with the Nursing Council of New Zealand to try to protect the registration eligibility of its international students. 

UCOL is concerned about the future of its international nursing students if a proposed change to how they are registered in New Zealand goes ahead 

ome visits by nurses cut lung infections
A study of indigenous children in three countries has found that sending nurses into family homes made more difference than medicines for children with severe lung problems. 

Funding for research on Maori nurses and smoking 'important'
The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) is pleased that the Health Research Council (HRC) is funding an important research project, "Maori nurses and smoking - exploring the context and opportunity for change". The project is a joint venture between ... 

Research looks at smokers
She said the NZ Nurses Organisation had been a prime mover pushing for the research because it was worried about the numbers within their ranks who were smokers. "And they're also worried because district health boards were now indicating they would ...  

Law professor calls for changes to patient care
What makes a good doctor? Why are there bad doctors still practising and how can we protect patients, increase trust and improve medical care? 

Quakes' health effects being studied
The effect of the Canterbury earthquakes on residents' health is being studied as part of a project aimed at improving how health services respond to natural disasters. 

DHBs to improve patient overseeing
Outdated patient administration systems in the Southern district will be replaced and combined with the South Island's four other district health boards for greater efficiency by late 2013. 

Schemes to raise organ donation unveiledNew Zealand's dismal organ donation rate is the focus of three new schemes from the Government. 

The case for and against evidence-based guidelines
The latest issue of the Journal of Primary Health Care debates the role of evidence-based guidelines in improved health outcomes for general practice patients, says Editor Prof. Felicity Goodyear-Smith. 

Article may be found in pdf format at:  

International media 

Nurses often skeptical of bar coding for med administration
While bar-coding technology can improve medication administration safety by reducing errors, it's not always preferred by the nurses who use it. Worse, some nurses try to override or work around the technology. 

Circulating Nurses Recover Errors in Cardiovascular OR
Circulating perioperative nurses can help reduce surgical errors and incidents in the cardiovascular operating room and improve patient safety, especially with regard to surgical prepping and aseptic technique, according to research published in the June issue of the AORN Journal. 

National Assembly for Wales Cross Party Group on Nursing focuses on Clinical Nurse Specialists
The National Assembly for Wales Cross Party Group on Nursing focused on the need for more Clinical Nurse Specialists when it convened on Tuesday, 29 May 2012. Chaired by Rebecca Evans AM, the Cross Party Group on Nursing is designed to highlight the contribution that nurses make to patients, the health service and nursing as a profession. 

Public health 

Obesity hike cues $1b diabetes bill
In less than a decade, healthcare for diabetics will cost the country more than $1 billion a year unless New Zealanders start watching their diets, Diabetes New Zealand says. 

Schools take sore throats seriously
A new scheme in schools to detect and treat sore throats that cause rheumatic fever is proving successful. 

Whooping cough epidemic rapidly escalating
The epidemic of whooping cough, a potentially fatal infection, is rapidly escalating, the latest figures published by health authorities show. 

Deadly flu strains could hit this winter
Two flu strains - one potentially dangerous for the elderly and the other deadly to children - could be rampant this winter. 

Articles of interest 
Graduate entry to practice in nursing: exploring demographic characteristics of commencing students
Graduate entry to nursing programs are new to Australia. This paper reports on an analysis of students enrolled in an accelerated, pre-registration, masters-level nursing course in Melbourne, Australia 

A glimpse of the future nursing workforce: the Graduate e-cohort Study
This paper outlines the demographic profile, workforce trajectory and study intentions of the first cohort of newly graduated and registered nurses participating in the Graduate e-cohort Study. 

What is the danger of not listening to frontline staff?
"I am struggling so much with how healthcare is changing. I can't say or post publicly what I know and what I see without getting fired. ... But it is not all about the care of patients anymore." - Family Practice Medical Receptionist"I am a nurse and have been for 30 years. I recently went back to school to study art. I am burnt out. Not from my patients, but from the administration. They make decisions that adversely impact staff and patient alike and I am simply burnt out." - Registered Nurse 

Computer tips 
Health information from different search engines can vary widely
A new study recommends that physicians and patients go beyond their favorites when looking for backgrounds on health topics 

Online publications and reports 
Improving Nurses Utilisation of Evidence to Inform Clinical Practice Project Reports
Report 1 - Improving Nurses’ and Midwives’ Use of Evidence to Inform Clinical Practice.
Midland District Health Boards, May 2012
The Midland DHBs, led by Waikato DHB, undertook a project that sought to improve the use of internationally recognised electronic evidence-based procedures by registered nurses and midwives in the Midlands district to inform their clinical practice.  This report describes the project and evaluation findings.

Report 2 - Improving Nursing Utilisation of Evidence to Inform Clinical Practice Services Project.
Canterbury District Health Board, May 2012
Canterbury DHB, in partnership with the New Zealand Institute for Community Health Care, undertook at project to enhance South Island nurses’ access to electronically available information to support their practice.  This report describes the project and evaluation findings. 

Standing Order Guidelines
The Standing Order Guidelines have been developed as a resource for health professionals working with standing orders. The Guidelines have been drafted to assist issuers to comply with regulatory requirements when developing and / or reviewing a standing order, and to assist people administering and/or supplying under standing orders. 

Communicable Disease Control Manual 2012 (MoH)
The Communicable Disease Control Manual seeks to inform and assist those at the frontline of public health action, namely the medical officers of health, health protection officers and staff at public health units. The primary purpose of the manual is to describe the standard practice that public health services would normally follow in regard to the prevention and control of notifiable diseases

Rauemi Atawhai – A guide to developing health education resources in New Zealand
05 June 2012Rauemi Atawhai is a guide to developing health education resources in New Zealand  has been developed to help the Ministry of Health and its contractors produce effective and appropriate health education resources that meet the needs of the intended audience, are easy to understand, and support improved health literacy.

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