Goodfellow Unit - Webinars in February and March 2023

on 10 February

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February and March webinars:

Helping patients befriend their nervous system

WEBINAR this Saturday: Stephen Porges and Deb Dana on understanding and applying polyvagal theory to help your patients in distress. Information here

Depression/distress: how to manage

WEBINAR Tuesday 14 Feb: Pim Cuijpers and Bruce Arroll will present cases of depression/distress that commonly occur in primary care. Register here

Covid and Mpox in 2023

WEBINAR Tuesday 21 Feb: The team from NRHCC will overview what's coming up in the covid and mpox space, including testing, vaccines and management. Register here


Recognising and responding to pain following surgical mesh surgery

WEBINAR Tuesday 28 Feb: Karen Joseph and Jessica Mills on the pathophysiology, presentation, and management approaches to pain following surgical mesh surgery. Register here

Support for the grieving: a psychological flexibility approach

WEBINAR Saturday 4 Mar: Ray Owen, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Health Psychologist, on supporting those who are grieving, helping them deal with the strong feelings and overpowering thoughts that arise, and finding ways of adjusting to a new life while dealing with the doubts and -often – the guilt of moving forward. Information here

Meningococcal disease and Bexsero

WEBINAR 7 Mar: Learn about Bexsero, broadly protective against meningococcal group B disease and different to the MeNZB™ vaccine previously used. Register here

Antibiotics in primary care – an update

WEBINAR 28 Mar: GP and Professor Alastair Hay will discuss antibiotic use, with key takeouts from his research that led to a demonstrable change in NHS practice in the UK. Register here


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