Letter's to a Future Nurse - coauthored by 22 International nurses and published December 2022

on 17 February

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In December 2022 Letter’s to a Future Nurse was published with Foreword by Nurse theorist Dr. jean Watson PhD; RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, LL(AAN)

“This delightful book will stir the hearts and minds and motivations of anyone considering Nursing as a lifelong career of sacred service to humanity and to our world. This collection of stories that awakened the heart and longing to help make the world a better place in service to human conditions of our time, in sickness, and death and all inbetween.

The personalized messages from experienced nurses open the mind for future nurses to enter and vicariously embrace and experience with patients and families. It introduces and affirms Nursing’s global covenant to caring/healing/health and wholeness in midst of despair, pain, loss and grief, along with joy and celebrations. This collection helps us all to find meaning and purpose for self/other; in ways one may never know. It opens us to mystery and miracles along the way for life-giving and life-receiving career of heart/mind/soul and infinite Love.

This book is heart centered and an inspiration for future and current nurses representing 6 countries and 17 US States as an invitation and evocation to the beauty and blessings of Nursing. It can offer insight and authentic views of Nursing for anyone considering Nursing career for a life of giving and purpose”

"Letters to a Future Nurse" is an amazing compilation of letters from 22 Nurses from the United States, England, Australia and New Zealand. They write to encourage and support future nurses who may be feeling uncertain about their decision to enter this profession.

Nursing is a fulfilling, demanding and beautifully complicated profession where we get the honour of caring for others during their most vulnerable moments.

The worldwide pandemic has made nursing more challenging than ever before, and many future nurses are questioning if this is the right career for them.

Within these pages are authentic, raw, real stories by nurses in various stages of their careers who love what they do but at times have also questioned if this was the right choice for them. If you are feeling uncertain about your decision to become a nurse, read this book and be encouraged by the amazing nurses who have gone before you.

This book is for any nurse who has ever questioned their career choice. It is for those who are currently in nursing school and feeling overwhelmed, for nurses who are considering a career change, and for those who are already working in the field and feeling burnt out. These letters offer encouragement, hope and a reminder that we are all in this together.

Through sharing the importance of self-care, encounters with memorable patients, journeys of becoming a nurse, and practical tips to help you along the way, each story is intended to inspire, empower and encourage YOU, the future nurses.

I am the sole New Zealand representative in this book and have several copies available or can be purchased by Amazon

Letters to a Future Nurse

Please reach out so we can share this book of hope to more future Nurses

Ngā mihi nui

Jacqui O'Connor

Jacqui O'Connor RN

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