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on 15 June

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What's New: Immunisations in the clinical context

WEBINAR 27 June: An update on increasing immunisation rates in child health with an equity focus, clinical cases, and an update on the Pharmacy Minor Ailments Service. Register here

Sexuality & Intimacy Workshop

Workshop 29 and 30 June: Allyson Waite hosts this popular two-day workshop, designed to enhance your comfort and skills in dealing with issues of sexuality. Information here

Travel medicine (with a focus on high altitude travel)

WEBINAR 4 July: Jenny Visser on preparing the traveller going to high altitude. Peter Hillary on his experience travelling at high altitudes. Register here

Responding to crisis presentations

WEBINAR 11 July: David Codyre on supporting primary care in managing crisis presentations. Register here

Early diagnosis and post-operative care of head and neck cancer

WEBINAR 25 July: The MercyAscot team on all aspects relating to neck and head cancers, from recognition to perioperative care, and the role of nurse specialists and dietitians. Register here

Management of ADHD

WEBINAR 8 August: Sophie Mace on what underlies the symptoms of ADHD, how to discuss it with patients, and common strategies we can use in primary care - both pills and skills. Register here


Managing perimenopause and menopause: when the symptoms are not hot flushes

WEBINAR 15 August: Samantha Newman on managing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Register here

We are able to fund a small number of Goodfellow scholarships in Paeds at UoA (designed for primary care).

Postgraduate Certificate in Paediatrics

Spaces are limited so hurry. Contact Prof Bruce Arroll to apply.
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