Child and Youth Wellbeing Update - Strategy review

on 20 June


New collection raises visibility of child and youth insights

“Check and see who else has engaged with us – (it’s frustrating) going back and forwards saying the same thing to different people.”

These quotes came from young people involved in the workshops undertaken as part of the review of the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.  We asked children and young people how government can better support and empower them to have their voice heard. Their feedback about wanting engagement to not just be a tick-box exercise, and wanting their voice to be used to effect change, helped inform one of the recommendations of the review: to make the findings of engagements more accessible "so that they can be used to inform a range of other work".

As a result, a new Child and Youth Engagement Reports collection has been established on our website, to help raise the visibility of insights and perspectives of children and young people. We want to ensure their voices help to inform and influence policy development, programmes and services delivery, along with future engagements.

The collection pulls together reports of Aotearoa-based engagements undertaken by government agencies, NGOs, universities and youth-led initiatives. They cover a wide range of wellbeing areas, and range from small, qualitative engagements targeting specific population groups, to more extensive surveys involving thousands of children and young people.

There’s also a story below about the Rangatahi Leadership Opportunities Database platform, which aims to raise the visibility of leadership and representation opportunities available to young people. This was another aspect of the review recommendation.

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“It makes me feel good to know that I've contributed to something positive. Don't let us sit here and guess if my voice has been useful... show us that you care.”

Child Poverty Related Indicators Report

The latest Child Poverty Related Indicators (CPRIs) Report was released today.  The five CPRIs are measures related to the causes and consequences of child poverty, and help tell a broader story about the lived experience of children in poverty. Over time, they can also tell us more about the impact of policies established to reduce child poverty and mitigate its consequences.  
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Child Poverty Budget Report

The Child Poverty Budget Report, released alongside Budget 2023, describes the progress made in reducing child poverty since the targets were set in 2018, and investments through Budget 2023 that will support families and whānau living in poverty with the cost of living.  They also forecast how we're tracking to meet the child poverty targets.
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Progress updates

This section highlights recent progress updates on Government initiatives that will support child and youth wellbeing:

Your stories and feedback

It's inspiring to hear about the great stuff that's happening in communities around the country. Check out our most recent stories below.  Please continue to let us know about new initiatives or send us your ideas or feedback - we'd love to hear from you! Contact us on:

Reducing the leadership opportunity divide

The Rangatahi Leadership Opportunities Database (RLOD) aims to make access to information on youth leadership and representation opportunities more transparent, fair, and equitable for all young people in Aotearoa New Zealand. The RLOD platform provides crowd-sourced information on opportunities available to young people.
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