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on 13 July

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What's New: Measles, Jaundice in infants, and AUB

WEBINAR 18 July: The Te Whatu Ora team on a range of latest updates. Register here

Early diagnosis and post-operative care of head and neck cancer

WEBINAR 25 July: The MercyAscot team on all aspects relating to neck and head cancers, from recognition to perioperative care, and the role of nurse specialists and dietitians. Register here


How we talk about weight and bodies: why it matters

WEBINAR 1 August: Maria Casale on HAES / non-diet approaches to consider weight and bodies. Register here

Management of ADHD

WEBINAR 8 August: Sophie Mace on what underlies the symptoms of ADHD, how to discuss it with patients, and common strategies we can use in primary care - both pills and skills. Register here


Managing perimenopause and menopause: when the symptoms are not hot flushes

WEBINAR 15 August: Samantha Newman on managing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Register here

Sepsis – how not to miss it

WEBINAR 22 August: Paul Huggan discusses how to identify and manage sepsis in primary care. Register here

Nurse practitioners

PODCAST: Chelsea Willmott discusses nurse practitioners in New Zealand and the growing role they play in primary care practices. Podcast episode

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