Goodfellow Unit - CPD Webinars/Workshop February - June 2024

on 21 February

Continuing Professional Development

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Chronic pain

WEBINAR 27 FebruaryBuzz Burrell on what you can do, what should help, and what doesn’t help. Register here

Hepatitis elimination and management

WEBINAR 12 March: The team from Te Whatu OraHealth New Zealand provide an update on Hepatitis management programmes. Register here

Female hormone odyssey

WEBINAR 26 March: Nicola Keay on the challenges and solutions to navigate the female hormone odyssey. Register here

Don't miss that ARF diagnosis

WEBINAR 23 April: Barnett Bond, Mary-Anne Ross and Nigel Wilson on how to ensure the rate of missed cute rheumatic fever diagnoses approaches zero. Register here

Sexuality & Intimacy Workshop

Face to face, June 2024: Allyson Waite's popular workshop is designed to enhance your comfort and skills in dealing with issues of sexuality. Places are limited so register early

Thriving in golden years

Podcast: Helen Kenealy discusses how to thrive physically, cognitively, and socially as we age. Episode here
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