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on 4 April

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Navigating RSV management

WEBINAR 09 April: Nikki Turner and Emma Best on RSV disease, the burden in NZ, and future management. Register here


WEBINAR 16 April: Cindy Farquhar, Elizabeth Glanville, and Jeanette MacKenzie on the management of infertility. Register here

Don't miss that ARF diagnosis

WEBINAR 23 April: Barnett Bond, Mary-Anne Ross and Nigel Wilson on how to ensure the rate of missed acute rheumatic fever diagnoses approaches zero. Register here

The impact of nutrition on mental health

WEBINAR 07 May: Helen Duyvestyn on why we should be paying more attention to diet for those with mental health conditions. Register here

Menopause: Insights and beyond

WEBINAR DAY 25 May: A comprehensive online day focusing on women's health in midlife, specifically centred around effective perimenopause and menopause management. Register here

Sexuality & Intimacy Workshop

Face to face, 5 June 2024: Allyson Waite's popular workshop is designed to enhance your comfort and skills in dealing with issues of sexuality. Places are limited, so register early

Secondary amenorrhea

Podcast episode: Nicola Keay provides an overview of secondary amenorrhea. Episode and resources here
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