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No. 144,  Wednesday 13 March 2013 

From NZ media this week

Nursing Qualifications in Demand
A pilot qualification for health and rehabilitation offered by Waiariki Institute of Technology for the first time in Kawerau is proving popular. 

Waiariki student feels let down
Roshni Sladen is one of 27 Waiariki Institute of Technology students who find themselves in limbo while waiting to gain their nursing registrations 

Nurse inspires girls with war zone tales
A Kiwi nurse visited Taranaki yesterday to inspire high school students with stories of her missions to conflict zones.New Zealand Red Cross nurse and aid worker Joyce Hood spoke to 40 high school students from around the region in a day-long seminar about women in war at St Mary's Diocesan School in Stratford. Mrs Hood was awarded the Florence Nightingale medal in 2010, the highest and most prestigious award for nurses in the world. 

Radio NZ: Hospitals work to prevent infection in critical patients (audio)
Radio NZ reports basic changes in hospital intensive care units (ICUs) have slashed the number of seriously ill patients who get a central line associated bacteraemia (CLAB) infection while in hospital.Karen Brown interviews Commission Chair Prof Alan Merry, and clinical lead for the Target CLAB Zero initiative, Dr Shawn Sturland. The improvements are of major benefit to patients, while also saving money for the health care system.
Full interview: 

3,500 more kids receiving free doctors’ visits
Health Minister Tony Ryall congratulates the twelve general practices who have recently joined the zero fees scheme and are now providing free doctors' visits to children under six during the day.,500-more-kids-receiving-free-doctors%E2%80%99-visits.aspx 

Ambulance part charge to increase
On 1 April 2013 the St John Ambulance Service patient part charges will increase.Patient part charges vary across the country and an additional amount of $4.00 or $10.00 will see charges increase to either $75.00 or $84.00 (from two rates of $65.00 and $80.00 (GST inclusive)). A further increase to patient part charges is planned next year, resulting in a standard part charge for St John ambulance services of $88.00 from 1 April 2014. The last increase was 12 months ago.

 $300,000 for Hospice NZ to help improve care
Hospice New Zealand will receive more than $300,000 extra funding over the next two years to help improve the quality of care and support for terminally ill people and their families.$300,000-for-hospice-nz-to-help-improve-care.aspx 

DHB specific 

Nurses join fight for Wairau hospital
The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) is joining the residents of Blenheim as they fight for health services to remain in the area. The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board review of services at Wairau Hospital could result in only elective (planned) surgery being performed in Blenheim. 

The people have made their feelings plain
The battle is on to save our servicesThere are few things as important to a community as its health services and its hospital.If there was any doubt before about how strongly Marlborough people feel about the doctors, nurses and the services at their hospital - Wairau Hospital in Blenheim - those doubts are gone after last night's public meeting. 

Private hospital set to open next month
A new private hospital in Blenheim is on target to open next month, says its manager.Churchill Private Hospital general manager Nicki Bennett said the new development, a nine-bed private hospital ward and full day-stay unit in the grounds of Wairau Hospital, is to open on April 8. 

Hospital ends visiting limits for families
Middlemore hopes policy change will bring benefits noted in overseas studies. 

More than 40 DHB jobs cut
More than 40 jobs will be disestablished at Hutt Valley and Wairarapa district health boards to make way for one management team. 

Social health 

Allan Freeth: The sad business of child poverty
Businesses cannot sit on hands while children go hungry, uneducated, abused and neglected. 

Alcohol industry 'grooming' with social media
Children are being groomed by alcohol companies years before they reach the legal drinking age, through advertising on Facebook, researchers say. 

Editorial: Sick children would be first to gain from rentals WoF
An odd feature of many of the houses constructed in this country, notably in the 1950s and 1960s, was their lack of heating. Some builders of otherwise stout structures did not even install fireplaces, having apparently convinced themselves that the chill of the New Zealand winter was a myth. 

Dementia plan urged as Kiwis age
About one in every 33 New Zealand adults is expected to be suffering from dementia by 2050, with much of the increase due to Kiwis living longer, health authorities say.  

Public health

Maori Health Promotes Tobacco Free Workplace
The placing of a tupeka kore kawenata in Waikato District Health Board’s public health offices in central Hamilton shows support for a tobacco free environment is gaining strong momentum, says Te Puna Oranga general manager Ditre Tamatea. 

Syphilis 'back with a vengeance'
Syphilis fuelled by iPhone applications such as Grindr have "come back with a vengeance" among Christchurch's young homosexual community. 

CPR helpers at new low
The chances of a stranger stepping in to save your life if you suddenly become ill have dropped to the lowest levels in a generation, new statistics show. 

Better support for young asthma sufferers
Health Minister Tony Ryall says this government is investing $200,000 into a research project to identify more effective ways to manage childhood asthma. 

Health researchers call for govt cap on salt in packaged foods
A public health expert has called on the Government to regulate the amount of salt in commercial foods. 

International media 

Nurse care coordinators weave positive patient outcomes
Christine Truiano, RN, BSN, MBA, knew she was doing her job well when a patient called and asked for a dental referral. "Although this was not typically within my scope of practice, I felt honored that this patient really trusted me for everything," said Truiano, a clinical care coordinator at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. 

RNs patrol Pima County libraries to provide patient assessment
Public health nurses in Arizona’s Pima County have discovered an original venue for recognizing and serving the needs of the community: public libraries. 

BSc in Nursing for a global perspective
The Department of Nursing & Midwifery of University of Limerick is offering BSc Nursing Studies for international students. 

Nurses say they want minimum staffing levels to prevent mistakes
Democrats in the Michigan Legislature and a nurses’ union are calling for a state law that would require hospitals to maintain staff levels without resorting to mandatory overtime. 

Spectralink Tackles Nurse Workplace Safety with New Wireless Solution
Polycom-owned Spectralink Corporation announced on Tuesday its new Spectralink Staff Safety Solution, a wireless healthcare product developed for nurses to address safety issues in the workplace. 

Nursing students gain insight during poverty simulation
They scrambled for vouchers and raced to the bank. The pay-day loan store charges exorbitant fees. Better to line up at the bank and hope for the best. 

Ga. Senate approves new rules for nurse discipline
ATLANTA (AP) -- The Georgia Senate has approved a proposal that would require nurses to report alleged professional violations by their colleagues. 

Telehealth Does Not Adversely Affect Most Patients, Study Finds
A new study, published in the British Medical Journal, found that while telehealth does not improve quality of life or psychological outcomes for patients, it does not adversely affect patients either. 

Articles of interest 

Health Information Technology and Nursing
AJN, American Journal of Nursing
August 2012 
Volume 112 Number 8
Pages 36 - 42
Overview: Health information technology (HIT) is a central aspect of current U.S. government efforts to reduce costs and improve the efficiency and safety of the health care system. A federal push to implement and enhance electronic health records (EHRs) has been supported by billions of dollars earmarked in the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, passed as part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The goal has been to lay the groundwork for a HIT system that enables a more reliable exchange of information among practitioners and patients and significant improvements in the way care is delivered.,%20Issue%202 

Reports online 

Making Health Care Safer II: An Updated Critical Analysis of the Evidence for Patient Safety Practices.
Shekelle PG, Wachter RM, Pronovost PJ, eds. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; March 2013. AHRQ Publication No. 13-E001-EF. 

Online resources 

Demystifying Addiction – An Online Educational Resource
A new free online educational resource has been developed by health researchers from the University of Otago, Wellington to help people learn about addiction directly from those who have experienced it. 

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