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No. 148, Wednesday 10 April  2013 

From NZ media this week

Nurse dedicated herself to all patients
Sheila Mary Mahony: b Nelson, May 16, 1934; d Wellington, January 7, 2013, aged 78.
Sheila Mahoney spent 43 years in nursing, rising to be the nurse manager of Wellington Hospital by the time she retired in 1995. 

Nursing time falls
Nursing hours per patient day have been steadily falling over the last year at Nelson and Marlborough healthcare facilities. 

Nurse denies pinning patient with his knee

A Christchurch nurse has admitted slapping a mentally ill patient on the face after she spat at him but denies putting his knee on her chest to restrain her. 

Pressured new mums not always honest
Lying to Plunket nurses has become commonplace among first-time mums as they shy away from confrontation and questions about their baby's milestones. 

Assault rate of health workers rises rapidly
Assaults on nurses and health workers have jumped by more than a third in three years. Information obtained by the Herald on Sundayshowed attacks on district health board staff and contractors shot up from 2547 two years ago to 3509 last year. 

We will exterminate superbugs
The spawn of an evil Dalek and affectionate R2-D2 is exterminating superbugs in hospital wards and potentially saving lives.  

Health info release 'laundered'
Ministry officials warned to deal differently with requests from public, media and politicians. 

Wrong health data 'a major problem'
Shyness at the doctor's surgery is leading to inaccurate recording of Pacific patients, says new research. 

Legal highs" have become more problematic than illicit drugs, say frontline emergency medics. 

Children receive B4 school health checks
More children having B4 school health checks The government wants Kiwi kids to have the best start at school through a B4 School Check 

DHB specific 

Three big hospitals' practices under fire
Allegations of bullying, mismanagement, and a dangerous box-ticking culture are being fired at some of the country's largest hospitals. 

Medic service flops
Air ambulance fails to meet targets after initial delays and change in demand. 

Traumatised nurse flees NZ
A highly experienced nurse is so distraught over her treatment by the Tairawhiti District Health Board she is leaving the country. 

Call to deal with 'waste' of resources
The Southern District Health Board will only get out of its ''awful bind'' if it stops wasting money through inefficiency, and then makes a case for serious investment, intensive care clinical leader Mike Hunter says 

DHB staff asked to pinch pennies
The finances of the Hutt Valley District Health Board remain in a frail condition, its latest figures show. 

Public health 

Rheumatic fever 'national disgrace'

Parents are being warned to keep a close eye on their kids after two cases of rheumatic fever in Glen Innes and Panmure. 

Key lobbies Gates on rheumatic fever fight
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will "go away and look at" whether his philanthropic foundation wants to support attempts to eradicate rheumatic fever 

Implementation and Formative Evaluation of the Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme
FINAL Report
Prepared for Ministry of Health Manatū Hauora 

Killer fever spreads
Rheumatic fever is at crisis levels and now hitting the rich as well as the poor 

Rheumatic fever drive set to fail says report
The Government's much-trumpeted $24 million campaign to stamp out rheumatic fever in pockets of the country is not dealing with the root of the problem, a new report says. 

Smoking policy gets go ahead

Smoking will be discouraged in Palmerston North's central business district, parks, sports grounds and council facilities through a carrot approach, rather than a stick. 

Social health 

Age Concern’s top 10 tips to reduce the health effects of social isolation on older people
“Knowledge about the links between social isolation, loneliness, physical health, mental health, and mortality in older people is being added to all the time” says Ann Martin of Age Concern. The study highlighted in yesterday’s Dominion Post, which links social isolation to dying earlier is just one example. A US study showing that loneliness is a bad for health as smoking is another.” 

International media 

AANA addresses use of mobile devices during care
In response to the increasing use of mobile communication devices by healthcare professionals while caring for patients, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists has adopted a new position statement to address the issue. 

ED overcrowding linked to PTSD in patients with ACS

ED overcrowding may be associated with acute coronary syndrome-induced post-traumatic stress disorder, according to new research. 

Outpatient recovery plans managed through app
Wellframe is an app that enables healthcare professionals to give patients with chronic conditions a program to follow once they leave hospital. 

Taking nurses beyond the basics
Nurses across the United States are throwing their support behind state legislation that would allow nonphysician providers to practice independently of physicians, thereby helping fill voids left by the physician shortage.  

Articles of interest 

Using Research to Advance Nursing Practice: Comparative Research Design: A Guide for the Clinical Nurse SpecialistClinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice
April 2013 
Volume 27  Number 2
Pages 63 - 66
Clinically relevant research is needed to advance the science of nursing and provide patients with the best options possible to enhance their health and well-being. To minimize the gap between the discovery of new knowledge and the implementation and translation of this knowledge into changes in patient care requires that the clinical nurse specialist become involved in asking the questions that really matter to patients and nurses. While research is conducted by various individuals (physicians pharmacists, academics), the clinical nurse specialist is in a unique position to identify the problems most in need of solutions today 

Evidence-Based Practice Process Quality Assessment: EPQA Guidelines
Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing
Early View (Online Version of Record published before inclusion in an issue)
Nurses are increasingly engaged in evidence-based practice (EBP) processes to answer significant questions and guide nursing practice. However, there are no criteria to evaluate the rigor and quality of EBP projects, making the decision about whether to implement a recommended practice change questionable.AimThe purpose of this study was to achieve consensus among nationally recognized EBP nurse experts on criteria that could be used to appraise the methodological quality of an EBP project as well as to serve as a guideline to plan for an EBP project.

Reports online

The Costs of Physical Inactivity 
Toward a regional full-cost accounting perspective
Author: Market Economics Ltd, Wellington Regional Strategy, Waikato Regional Council and Auckland Council.
Physical inactivity is a serious public health issue in New Zealand, as it is in many other countries of the world, causing significant economic costs. Local government plays an important role in motivating and providing for people’s physical activity, including providing transport infrastructure, active transport opportunities (cycling, walking, public transport, walking buses), urban design and land use planning, and provision of parks and sport and leisure facilities.   Waikato Regional Council, Auckland Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council jointly commissioned a study to examine the full costs of physical inactivity in their regions.  The study undertaken by Market Economics found that the total cost to the country of approximately half the population not having adequate physical activity, was approximately $1.3billion in 2010 ($106 million for the Waikato region, $402 million for the Auckland region and $141 million for Wellington). 

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